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How To Grow Collab Portfolio As Influencer?

You’ve established your social media presence, built a sizable audience that actively participates in your posts, established your authority among your followers, and established partnerships with several brands. You are now prepared to work with others to expand the influencer brand’s reach.

Now, then, how do you go about doing this?

How can you get brands and other influencers to notice you and want to work with you?

The time to begin working in influencer marketing is now. The return on investment proven to deliver 11X ROI compared to other types of digital marketing is times higher with this increasingly popular marketing strategy. If you want to learn how to expand your influencer collaboration portfolio, read on.

The Art of the Proposal for Working Together

You’ve decided that working together is the way to go. A successful partnership requires working with the right brands and influencers, but how do you find them? To meet your specific criteria, brands must complete several requirements like any other influencer. Then, once you’ve identified the perfect brand or influencer who shares your values, there are several steps you should take to ensure a fruitful collaboration.

If you want to know what makes a collaboration successful and how to launch a brand collab with a partner (or partners! ), keep reading.

  1. Choose Appropriate Brands

The first step toward a fruitful brand grow collab portfolio is identifying and committing to the ideal partner brands. Whether you’re a brand or an influencer, you must know your audience and what they enjoy reading or watching.

Go to your Instagram page and do the following if you haven’t already.

Visit your Audience Insights page in Facebook Business Manager for even more information. Enter your brand’s name (or a similar brand) and your demographic data to see a list of other brands that might appeal to them.

Create a list of potential brands you’d like to collaborate with. It’s okay to stick to brands that are directly relevant to your industry. Seafolly, a swimwear company, has worked with other companies, including those in the activewear industry, the travel industry, the ice cream industry, and the floating pool toy industry. Ignore convention and think about what brands would speak to your target audience.

However, pick wisely; a company’s Instagram page doesn’t guarantee it has the resources to provide a successful partnership. Sometimes, your campaign timelines won’t mesh with theirs, or their audience might need to be in the right geographic region. A company’s Instagram followers can be located in the country where the company was founded.

  1. Put on a show!

Don’t be arrogant, but share what makes you unique.

Tell me about a recent success you’ve had. Exactly what makes you such a perfect match? These are the things that brands want to be answered before they even consider working with you. The goal should be to summarise this in one or at most two sentences. Communicators in the public relations industry are often very busy, so a brief introduction highlighting your most relevant qualifications is highly appreciated. It would help if you suggested a way to use their goods in the following sentences. This demonstrates that you’ve not only thought about how to advance their brand but that you’ve put in the effort to do so. 

These are some characteristics of an excellent email:

  1. A brief self-description
  2. What makes you a fan of this label
  3. The reasons you’re a perfect fit.
  4. A request for participation, perhaps a phone call.

You should always aim for brevity and sweetness. A higher percentage of your email being read depends on how well you can express yourself in writing.

  1. Present Your Case

Once you have the correct address, the next step is to write the actual pitch. Relevant information about what you’re selling is essential for its success.

Include the following in your presentation:

  • Introduction

You should introduce yourself and tell people what you do. You should put a link to your Instagram, blog, or other influential social media profile.

  • Reason for making contact

Tell them why you’re contacting them and how your influence can help their brand.

Please share details about the make-up and activity level of your following. It’s common practice for bloggers to boast about their monthly pageview totals.

  • Your proposal for a joint venture

Specify what it is that you are prepared to give. Tell them where you want them to go and how you can get them there.

Explain in depth how you intend to promote their company using your medium. You could offer to encourage them by posting a reel, a photo, and a story.

You can save time for the brand and yourself by being as specific as possible about what you’ll provide. You’ll also have spared them the mental effort of developing a joint action plan.

  • Please upload your portfolio

Include a description of the other brands you’ve worked with and links to your collaborative posts here. To back up your claims, you can also provide examples of your work through screenshots or data analytics.

  1. Ensure your bio includes your contact information

Influencers can indirectly reach out to brands by having their contact information in their bio. Brands can learn about you and your work, which could lead to collaboration opportunities. Include your official email address in your bio so they can quickly contact you. If you want to expand on the brand information you already have, you can also include your location.


Getting in touch with brands for the first time can be nerve-wracking, but it becomes much less so with time and effort. You can expect some pushback, but that shouldn’t stop you from making headway.

Marketing through social media influencers is here to stay. Influencers will still be in high demand, and brands will reap the benefits. Feel free to write up your pitch/proposal/message and hit send.

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