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Thursday, November 30, 2023

How To Get Verified on TikTok Without Followers?

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TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform with more than one billion active users. It has taken the world by storm and has become a phenomenon that has found a place on everybody’s smartphone. Celebrities, influencers, marketing, and PR agencies are all using the platform to capitalize on its growing popularity.

You must have noticed that some of these accounts have a blue badge next to their account handle which means they are verified. The verification brings a certain level of credibility to their account which increases TikTok followers even more.

That said, TikTok does not verify every account even if they have a huge following. And it is because the process of verification is not solely dependent on the number of followers an account has. So, let’s understand the process of verification first and then get to the methods that can get your account verified as well.

How Does TikTok’s Verification Process Work?

TikTok’s verification process works differently than other mainstream social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The number of TikTok followers on the account has a role but it is not a deciding factor. Furthermore, there is no application that users can submit to the platform in order to get verified.

TikTok selects the accounts on its own with the help of a dedicated team. Hence, to get an account verified it is important that the team working on this process notices the account and initiates the process for you.

You can make your presence noticeable on the platform by maintaining consistent activity, uniqueness, and authenticity in the content. These are the criteria that are laid out by TikTok’s official newsroom. Adherence to the guidelines of the platform also has crucial importance. Violating certain parts of regulation might not get the video banned but it will decrease the chances of account verification.

Furthermore, it has been reported that the PR of the person handling the account also plays a role. Although this piece of information has not come directly from official sources, independent experts believe it plays a part. Accounts that are verified on other social media platforms have it easier to get them verified on Twitter as well. The relevance of the account to the type of content it is producing can be a deciding factor in some cases.

For example, if an account is producing content related to medicine and has some articles published online in the magazine under the same name, it can increase the chances of account verification.

How To Get Verified?

The criteria to get verified on TikTok are quite clear. You do not have to buy TikTok followers or spend time drafting an email for verification. Just stick to the available criteria and it will help in getting the account closer to the blue badge. However, there are certain things that can speed up this process a little. Let’s take a look at them:

1. Hire a TikTok Ad Management Agency

The quickest method to earn the blue badge is by hiring a professional service that understands exactly how the process works. The agency will help the users with TikTok ads creation, data analytics, and overall social media marketing to get the account noticed by the verification team. Furthermore, the agency might also hire a PR firm to publish articles related to or under your name to establish the relevance of the type of content you create with you.

For example, if you post videos related to psychology, the PR firm can publish a couple of articles under your name on some websites. It will establish your credibility and make you relevant to the content that you are producing.

2. Consistent Activity

Accounts that upload the content consistently are noticeable which helps with the verification. You would have to put a bit of effort to maintain this consistency. When you upload, do not put all the content at once. Upload each video after a certain period of time and maintain that interval for the next uploads. Remember consistency does not mean producing a ton of content, it is just whatever you post has to be regular.

3. Stick To One Niche

Once you have found an appropriate niche do not experiment with it too much. Just stick to it and start producing content on it regularly. It might not increase the following instantly but ultimately it would reward with the blue badge. When users start to experiment with different niches, the account loses its uniqueness and authenticity which makes it difficult to get verified.

4. Interact with Relevant Accounts

Interaction with the relevant accounts to the niche can grow the organic following. Do not buy TikTok followers because those are usually inorganic and do not increase the reach of the account. You should instead leave comments, share posts, and like the videos of other content creators that are working within your niche. It would not just increase the following but also maintain the authenticity which will bring the account a step closer to verification.

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