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How to Fix Netflix Not Working on Vizio TV? – [Fixed]

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Vizio Smart TVs used to be one of the most popular Affordable Smart TVs. Their market was primarily the United States and their TVs were bought mostly by middle-income households. The brand could never compete with the giants like Samsung or Sony but they got the job done at affordable rates. However, many users have begun to report problems using the Netflix application on Vizio TV.

Understandably, this can be frustrating for many users. Especially those without access to premium cable TV services like Optimum cable packages for their entertainment. This is why in this guide you can learn about all the tips and tricks to get Netflix up and running on your Vizio TVs in no time.

Netflix and Vizio TV

With the rapid rise in the popularity of online streaming services, there’s no bigger giant than Netflix. Over 200 million people worldwide have subscribed to Netflix making it a true giant in the industry. The US & Canada alone makes up for almost 40% of the total user market making it Netflix’s biggest customer base.

Naturally, with every Vizio Smart TV sold in the market owners probably used it for streaming Netflix. But over the years Vizio TVs’ reputation has taken a slight hit by not remaining up to the standards viewers expect. This is true for many users who are complaining about having trouble with Netflix on their Vizio TVs.

Common Issues with Netflix for Vizio TV users

Over the past years, a lot of Vizio TV customers have been complaining about Netflix not working properly on their Smart TVs. Some of the common issues that they’ve experienced include:

  • Crashing
  • Freezing
  • Error Codes
  • Black Screen Issues

Just follow some of the simple troubleshooting techniques mentioned below and it should most likely solve any issues that you’ve been facing.

Make Sure Your Vizio TV Has Good Internet Access

Sometimes the most complex issues have the simplest solutions. Make sure that your TV is in a location where it’s getting a strong Wi-Fi signal and a good download speed too.

If you aren’t getting a strong connection, try placing your router closer to the TV and reconnecting with your Wi-Fi again. This should fix the issue.

Specific Error Codes

If your Netflix app on TV is giving you an error code then it’s probably not an issue with your TV. Error codes are usually about problems found within the app. A good tip is to take a picture of the error code and search for the associated meaning on the Netflix support page. You should be able to find the troubleshooting techniques you need to follow there.

Try to Power Cycle Your TV

A Power Cycle is when you completely disconnect your TV from any connection in the house and restart it. You’ll need to switch off your TV and unplug its main power cable. Follow this up by unplugging your router and modem as well. Keep them disconnected for just over a minute and plug back in the power cords, this technique has worked for many users in the past.

Perform a Factory Reset on your Vizio TV

A lot of users unknowingly may distort the settings while personalizing them. This could play a major role when it comes to Netflix not working on your TV. But no need to worry, this one has an easy fix too.

You can choose to Reset your TV device on the settings menu. It will remove any personalized settings you may have had in place and will reset again with its default factory settings.

This should most likely help resolve your Netflix issue.

Update The Netflix App on Your Vizio TV

This is another common issue faced by many users. A lot of users would never update their apps on their TV but you need to regularly check for any updates.

Updates to an app usually address any bugs or faults that may have existed in the previous version of the app and it’s highly recommended to update whenever you can.

To update the Netflix app on your TV you just need to go on the Menu page and Scroll down until you find ‘System Menu’. Under there you need to select the option stating ‘Check for updates. Select the option and wait for your app to be updated.

This fix should most likely solve your Netflix issue and you’ll be watching your favorite shows in no time.

Re-Install Netflix Using the Native App Store

Once you’ve exhausted all your options mentioned above, the final straw would be to just delete the current app on your TV and reinstall it again from the Vizio app store. Many users have mentioned this technique and it worked quite well for them with Netflix working normally again after reinstalling.

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