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How to find best guest blogging sites

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Writing or accepting guest posts, even known as guest blogging, is quite popular in search engine optimisation in the present time. Fortunately, guest post opportunities and guest posting websites are all over the place in case you know where and how to hunt for them.

If you speak with guest blogging service, you will know that they have a proper idea about the best guest blogging platforms and sites. But if you are going to take on the tasks of guest blogging yourself then you should know about the right sites. And this post would help you in finding the best guest blogging sites for your business or you.

You must first Identify Your Niche

You would wish your content to fascinate the right audience. Defining your niche is going to allow you to more conveniently focus your guest blogging pitch (and even writing) efforts. Not to miss that Google also pays attention to the type of websites that link to your website. The more nearly related a guest blogging opportunity is to your niche, the better would be the backlink it will be for your search engine optimisation efforts.

Identifying High-Quality sites:

When talking about the high -quality guest blogging opportunities, you have to look particularly for:

  • Websites that work or operate in the same (or somewhat a similar) industry or niche.
  • An audience that, in many (or even all) ways, blends well or matches your target customer.
  • Signs of high level of engagement (for example a multitude of comments on different posts or high social share counts of different articles).
  • A robust content distribution strategy that promises numerous eyeballs on content.
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Once you pay attention to these things, you are going to identify the high-quality sites for your guest posting platforms. And once you find the best guest blogging sites, you can read through their rules and submission guidelines to get started with them.

Check out Social & Audience Factors

There is not just quality that matters but other things too like:

  • Look into the Facebook likes & shares of the website
  • Check the Tweets
  • How many LinkedIn shares the website has?
  • You can even check out Alexa Rank
  • Read through comments per post (though quality is actually more crucial than quantity)

Though social media is not going to have a direct effect on SEO, it can still help efforts in content promotion. As such, it is absolutely crucial to consider social and audience factors when it comes to qualifying a possible guest posting opportunity. Likes, comments, as well as shares are all crucial actions for giving content additional level of reach.

Be sure about Exclusivity

You need to find out if the website you are considering accept everyone or simply the ones with good ideas and reputations? You can check such a thing by doing a search on the website you’re observing and then simply stalking the contributors they have. It would get you a complete idea.


So, whether official blog or any platforms; you need to be thoughtful about all these things. Once you keep them in mind, you can definitely find out the best guest blogging sites for your business.

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