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How to find a NG Nutra Affiliate Program for nutra traffic.

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There are many verticals in traffic arbitrage – categories of offers where you can earn money. One of the most popular is nutra – products for beauty and health. These include remedies for getting rid of diseases, for rejuvenation, weight loss and more. The target audience of such offers is people who are tired of fighting with some problems or those who want to always be beautiful and young.

You will find a large selection of unique offers for beauty and health in the catalog of the WhoCPA affiliate program. This affiliate network is considered the best for driving traffic from Asia. WhoCPA offers nutra offers where you can drive traffic and monetize it using the CPA (pay per action) model. At the same time, the arbitrator receives payment for the approved action – for the order. The webmaster generates a lead, the call center calls him, and if the application is confirmed, the web receives a fixed deduction for a specific product.

Examples of offers from the health and beauty categories

The number of products for beauty and health is difficult to list, there are various creams, tablets, capsules, gels and other products for everything you can imagine.

The best offers in the category of nutra-offers:

  • CORDINOX is a drug for the normalization of blood pressure. The tool is intended for women and men suffering from hypertension. In advertising, you can focus on the proven effect, as well as add a list of problems that CORDINOX helps to solve;
  • Sinoflex is a joint recovery gel. The offer is popular among athletes, the elderly, as well as those whose work is related to physical activity. The drug helps to get rid of pain in the joints and restore their functioning.
  • Longex – capsules for potency. Popular among men aged 40+. The issue of reducing potency is quite intimate, not every male will agree to go to the doctor with this problem. Therefore, many try to solve the problem on their own – on the Internet. In creatives, you can use “doctors’ opinions”, “reviews from real customers”, describe the end result (“potency as in 18”, “all women are yours”).
  • OPTRIX – dietary supplement to improve vision. Intended for a fairly wide audience. It is suitable for both adults and youth. The package of the offer shows blueberries, which indicates that the product has a natural composition. In advertising, you can focus on prolonged sitting at a computer or telephone, which worsens vision.
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Also among the popular offers for beauty and health are various drugs for weight loss, anti-wrinkle masks, drugs for varicose veins, smoking, alcoholism and exotic seeds for all diseases. No less relevant are coffee, plasters, ointments for back pain, amulets, amulets. For a complete list of nutra-offers with a high approval rate, see the catalog of the WhoCpa affiliate program.

Why choose WhoCPA software?

The beauty and health industry generates huge amounts of money every year. If you want to earn good money, then register on the WhoCPA platform. This is the best CPA network with a large selection of relevant products and high payouts. WhoCPA provides its own, exclusive offers with its own call center. This means that the network lives, develops and is of interest to everyone – both the web and advertisers.

The earning scheme is very simple. You register, go to the catalog of offers, select the desired vertical, GEO, etc. When you find a suitable offer, connect to it. And you start promoting through the allowed traffic sources and to the allowed audience.

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