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How To Enhance The Number Of Attempted Questions In The CAT Exam?

How much score you obtain in any exam determines your success or failure. It holds true for the CAT exam as well. In order to get admission to the esteemed IIMs or top business schools of India, you have to qualify for the CAT exam.

However, there are two factors that decide your score – the number of questions you attempt and their accuracy. We know that these two factors are not independent of each other. If a candidate tries to attempt more questions, the chances of accuracy reduce and vice-versa.

However, a candidate has to attempt more questions with accuracy to score high on the exam. So, is there any way to enhance your number of attempted questions and accuracy at the same time? Well, the good news is yes. You can attempt more questions with accuracy. All you need to do is know the right technique to solve the questions. In this guide, we will share how to enhance your number of questions attempted with accuracy.

Question selection

The only way to score high in the CAT exam is to choose the questions carefully. You need to choose a set of easy questions and ensure you complete those questions within the first 60 minutes. Once you have solved the easy questions, you can move to more advanced-level questions. However, for this, you need to work on your judging capabilities. Once you know the difficulty level of a particular question just by reading them, no one can stop you from qualifying for the CAT exam.

Some students often start with the first question without looking at the other questions. As a result, they miss out on those questions that can help them score high and are relatively easy. So, the next time you apply for the CAT exam, make sure you attempt the easy questions first. Choose the questions based on the area/topic/concept you like the most. Always attempt the questions that you think you can easily do. This way, you can reach the end of the paper within the given time and ensure you don’t miss any easy questions.

So, how to decide which question you should attempt first?

Practice and exposure play a major role in deciding the level of question. While every student can have different topics of their interest, you should choose the questions as per your interest. And the best way to know the topics you are interested in is through practice. The more practice you put in, the more exposure you will get to different types of questions. The best way to practice is to join the best CAT coaching institute, where you can get access to quality mock tests.

How to complete the exam within the time?

As your mind focuses on easy questions only, you will save a lot of time. For instance, the number of easy questions is 15. So, make sure you complete all the questions within 30-45 minutes. If the number of easy questions is less than 15, you will reach the end of the paper earlier.

In contrast, if the easy questions are more than 15, you should attempt as many questions as possible while ensuring that you have some time to solve the hard questions. This way, you can complete the exam within time.

The bottom line

So, now that you know how to attempt more questions in the CAT exam, we hope you will practice more and easily crack the CAT exam. However, make sure you attempt as many questions as you can while scanning the paper, especially the verbal ability section. Also, make sure you join the best CAT coaching classes to know the tips and tricks to qualify for the CAT exam.

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