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How to Deal With Slow Internet – For Cafe Owners

It’s hard to digest that overcrowded cafes are turning into empty buildings. The shocking thing is just the slow speed of the internet is making them bend on their knees. There could be a lot of reasons for that. Anyhow, we have many troubleshooting tips to resolve your issues

Test Your Internet Speed

You can measure your internet health in many ways. To begin with, if your internet speed is slow, then you have to take a speed test. Many sites are providing free internet tests. Or you can set it up through 

If you think this was not the way to settle down your issue, then you can continue to read the article to choose a good way for you.

Fix Your Internet

Well, this is hard to find who is the culprit , sometimes your internet service provider can also be controlling the internet. People in the US have to live with the ISP monopolies and duopolies. You can find a superior provider who isnt be thefting and controlling the data. However, here are a few useful responses:

  • Look out for a better service provider in your location. Measurement labs help in finding good resources for specific regions. And it can guide you to rely on reliable internet service providers.
  • Use VPN for consistent speed. A VPN cannot solve the other reasons behind the internet poor connections or the speed. However, it can relieve the unethical behavior of the service provider. 
  • If the service provider is still threatening your internet then you can directly  call your service provider and ask to change the router as it might be an old one and affecting the speed. As a result if the device will be in a guarntee period you can ask him to replace it with a new one.

Old Password Making It To Lose The Connection 

It doesn’t matter if you are an android user or a Mac one, you can easily learn here how to retrieve it back. Just follow the methods to do it easily. You no need to worry much as all the WiFi passwords are stored in the settings of the computer. 

Markedly, we need to change the password with time as a number of people are surfing through your place. And any of them might be hackers . They can save it and by using it can even corrupt your network signals and because of that; you are facing the internet connection issue.

No worries we have solutions for both the users by which they can easily get off this. 

Windows Password Recover

Finding just a new one is so easy then getting, hands on it all although we are here to make it easy for you so, let’s just start doing it further.

  1. Just select the start button, to start the procedure.
  2. Then, enter the control panel of it.
  3. Now click on the Network and Internet.
  4. After doing this you will reach the Network and sharing center or the settings.
  5. Thereafter, you have to click on the connections which might be highlighted.
  6. Now, finally a WiFi security page will open, you have to click on wireless proerties and then the security tab.
  7. As a result a box will open on the screen which will finally show you the charcters. 

Mac Passwords Recovery 

In Mac every password is saved as a keychain access. It is the password key management of Mac Os. 

  1. In the sidebar click on the system bar in the system keychains. 
  2. As you can easily see the Passwords on the top window so click on that. 
  3. Now, finally do a double tap on the WiFi network password which you want. 
  4. As a result a box will open to show the password now, it is the main password as a result.

Router Position

When you feel the problem is still in your coat of slow internet then you can just change the location of the router to let the signals transfer properly. As this is the simplest trick to get rid of the problem. 


We hope your internet issues regarding slow internet will definitely diminish, if not then you can try setting up with Brostrend WiFi Extender Setup

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