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Cut Porcelain Tile

How to Cut Porcelain Tile? [You Should Know it For Yourself]

To fully understand how to cut porcelain tile, you first need to know the tile’s nature and the best methods and equipment to cut them.

Premium quality Clay is the raw material for making a good grade porcelain tile. And because of using clay, the tiles become more brutal and dense than any other tile. And so, to cut porcelain, you need even more rigid and sharp material.

Although it takes time to master porcelain cutting, the builders use some standard tools to cut them. There are a few methods of cutting porcelain. This article will discuss the manual cutter, blades, and nippers and how to cut porcelain.

How to Cut Porcelain Tile Using Manual Cutter?

Porcelain tiles are best suitable for flooring as they are the most durable and dense tiles in the industry. However, this nature of porcelain often makes it hard for the construction worker to cut it precisely without chipping or breaking it.

After selecting your preferable porcelain tiles from the top-rated tiles company in Bangladesh, it is time for you to pick the right tool to start cutting the tile precisely.

The professional way of cutting large blocks of porcelain tiles is using the manual cutter. If you are a skilled worker, you will find a manual cutter more convenient. The tool is also beginner-friendly and works fast as it has the simplest way of cutting tiles.

Tools you will need:

  • Manual tile cutter
  • Measuring Tape
  • Marker
  • Spirit Level

Steps to Cut:

  • Attach the scoring wheel with the cutter
  • Measure and mark the tile to score
  • Position the tile under the cutter
  • Score over the line you have marked
  • Position the breaker slightly lower than the middle
  • Snap the breaker in one gentle push

Pro tip:

To create a deeper cut, you should pick the larger scoring wheel (8mm). Moreover, do not score over the tile more repeatedly and more than once. Smoothly run the wheel over the tile for once without stopping to score perfectly.

If you need to do it one more time, do it the same way you did it the first time. And try not to score back and forth.

How to Cut Porcelain Using Grinder?

For DIY enthusiasts who work at a slow pace and with medium blocks of tile, a hand grinder is the best tool to cut porcelain. The grinder is powered by electricity, and the sharp round diamond blade cuts the dense porcelain tile like butter.

So it is better to use a Continuous Rim diamond blade to cut porcelain. You will find 4½, 7, and 10 inches of sizes available, referring to the difference in a cut’s width.

Since the dry cut makes dust, you can choose the wet method. In the wet process, a continuous water flow regulates the blade’s heat and reduces dust.

On the other hand, Diamond blades also come in handy when cutting the porcelain in a round shape or curving. You may need to pick the slightly curved blade to do so, and you will have a precise round cut with it.

Tools You Will Need:

  • Diamond Blade
  • Grinder
  • Masking tape/marker
  • Masks and Gloves

Steps to Cut the Tile:

  • Mark where you want to cut
  • Use masking tape if the marker color is not visible
  • Start cutting the tile with one light cut
  • Cut 1/8″ depth at first
  • Cut two or three more times with a deep cut

Pro tips:

  • Clean your blade before cutting
  • Using a thin cut blade is best for porcelain
  • Cut the tiles outside if you are dry cutting
  • Masking tape helps to reduce the chances of chipping.

How to Cut Porcelain Using Nipper?

You cannot use the grinder or manual cutter to cut a small piece or edge as the chances of breaking or chipping the whole tile will go higher this way.

You can do that using nipper when you have to make small adjustments after cutting a porcelain tile. They are sharp, precise, and make minor, quick cuts through the hard porcelain.

There are two styles of nippers available in the market. Nippers with two tungsten carbides and scoring wheels are widely used in the construction industry.

Steps to Cut:

  • Score the tiles with a manual tile cutter

You could also score with the sharp wheels of a nipper.

  • Have a firm grip on the holder and snap over the tiles.

Pro Tips:

  • Make sure your blade is in perfect shape
  • Mark accurately clean line to have clean cuts.
  • Polish the tile after cutting is done to have a smooth finish


Selecting compatible tools is the first step in learning how to cut porcelain tiles. Make sure you are using gloves and protective glasses while cutting the tiles.

And try not to feel disheartened if your cuts have rough edges because it takes some time to master the cuts like the professionals. Keep practicing with small blocks of porcelain tiles before moving forward to the bigger ones.

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