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How to choose a company name: generators

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There are times when the name of a company comes to mind as an epiphany or has been thought about for a long time in the head of the founder of the company. But there are also cases when it is difficult to come up with a name without any help. In such cases, it is worth making every effort to come up with a decent name for your company, taking into account certain factors and conducting research based on this to choose the right name. To do this, you need to:

– explore and analyze the market the company is targeting, its products and study competitors.

– Identification of key features of the company’s products and activities. Based on what you need to choose the name in such a way that the name includes or at least somehow implies the company’s activities, and at the same time you need to keep in mind that the name is simple for potential customers to perceive, attractive, modern and original.

– When choosing a company name, it is also worth visualizing this name, how it will look and be perceived by your audience.

There are several methods that can help you come up with a good name for a future brand.

  1. Abbreviation is the simplest method by which you can come up with a short and memorable name.
  2. The names and surnames of the founder or founders. This option may become obsolete for the younger generation.
  3. The method of combining the names of the founders or other words. This can give an original name that will eventually become a good brand.
  4. Geographical objects. Use geographical objects in the names in the names or come up with your own geographical creative name for your brand.
  5. Alliteration is the repetition of the same sounds. The name invented using this method will be well remembered, easy to pronounce and will have a unique sound.
  6. Online generators are the most affordable and easiest way for everyone to choose a company name. In the vastness of the global network, there are many online generators that will offer a variety of names for the company in a matter of seconds. Using generators is very simple, they do not require certain skills from the user.
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We also offer you the Turbologo name generator, where you can easily choose a unique, creative, modern name for your company by setting the right keywords. The editor will offer you the correct and most appropriate version of the name, taking into account the parameters you have set. Turbologo generator will not only save you time, but also help you choose the right name for your company, which will eventually become a recognizable brand!


No matter how difficult the process of choosing a company name is, the final version will be memorable, because the name will embody the company’s activities and will accompany it throughout its existence.

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