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How to Build a Perfect Backlink Profile for Your Website?

How to Build a Perfect Backlink Profile for Your Website?

SEO experts always follow different strategies to increase traffic to websites. One of them is the guest blog posting service. It often talks about creating backlinks to the website. These links are one of the best ways to increase website ranking on search engines.

So, the real question is- how to build a perfect backlink profile for your website? Different companies take a different approaches to this aspect. You can follow various strategies to create a quality backlink profile for your website. It really comes down to the level of optimization you do with external and internal links.

Every SEO professional follows some common pathways for this. And there are also some unique methods.

Let’s have a quick overview of the different ways you can go about it.

What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks are also known as incoming or inbound links. It means to link one website with others. For example, you can have an eCommerce site linked to your blog post about fashion.

Backlinks are all about context – they work as “votes” for the website. Google can find your website faster and better with top-ranked backlinks. This is because you are linking top-ranked websites to your post. As a result, Google will show your posts on the top lists of search results.

8 Proven Methods to Build a Perfect Backlink Profile for Your Website

Backlinks are crucial for any website. You will need references from other high-ranked websites to rank yourself higher on Google. There are multiple ways you can do that.

Authoritative links

The most obvious backlink you can create is authoritative links. This means that you include links that have high authority in search engines. As a result, your website will get boasts from them.

Having authoritative links shows that your website is trusted and respected by authoritative websites. As a result, you can build your own authority on the internet. These links actually provide the highest SEO value for website backlinking.

Anchor text

Anchor text means linking back to your own website. You can include relevant keywords related to old posts on your website. After that, you can link new posts with old posts on your own website.

There are certain things you need to remember when using anchor texts. The anchor texts you use should have diversity and strong keywords. They will help your website to build a strong backlink profile.

Nofollow links

Almost every new online companies make mistakes in using Follow links. This means that you are allowing Google to use the links in your website as backlinks for other websites. This enhances the search engine ranking for other websites.

You certainly don’t want to do that. Thus, your job is to use Nofollow links as backlinks. This way, you can get links from authoritative websites. And also, you can use those links to generate traffic on your website only.

Fresh links

When you are optimizing a website, you are constantly putting in new posts. So you cannot use old and similar links for every post. You will need to look for new links that are fresh and high-ranked.

Links always depreciate over time. This means that their ranking on search engines goes down with time. As a result, you need fresh links to optimize the SEO rankings of your website continuously.

Skyscraper link building

The skyscraper technique is a very effective method. It is also a very strategic method for many websites. In this approach, you first find out the top-ranked page with the keywords you intend to optimize.

After that, you ethically steal the contents of those pages and create something much better. Finally, you reach out to those websites and ask them to link to the content you created.

Crowdfunding marketing

Crowd marketing is an excellent approach to attracting customers. In this approach, you place testimonials on your website. Viewers include their comments on your posts, and this can attract more customers.

Crowd marketing will allow you to create a natural link profile. This will increase reach and improve brand recognition. As a result, you can expect more traffic to your website from the link optimization.

Affiliate programs

Affiliate program links work to connect with affiliate sites directly. This can allow you to get great quality backlinks to your website. Thus, you should enlist your resources from different affiliate sites to create a perfect backlink profile.


Now you know how to build a perfect backlink profile for your website. But the task requires proper planning! You will need to consider many factors and strategies.

A near-perfect backlink profile includes several things. This involves external and internal links, natural links, skyscraper links, and others. You can follow all the options and most of them to create the best quality backlink profile.

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