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How to Add Instagram feed to Shopify Store?

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As consumers have started trusting online shopping and eCommerce, businesses are looking to capture this opportunity as they look to establish their online presence and build their credibility. Shopify is a major store building platform that is helping businesses to achieve this feat.

With Shopify, businesses can now sell their products online and can establish themselves. But as the competition in the marketplace is getting fierce, the need to amplify the look and feel of the store is getting significant attention.

Adding visual-based content to the store is a great way to attract customers and visitors, but this might backfire. You need to change the content regularly to keep the website fresh and keep the visitors engaged.

But we have a solution for this problem: add Instagram feed to Shopify. Adding Instagram feeds to the Shopify store can improve the look and feel of your eStore, making it more lively and presentable to visitors. And here are the measures to embed Instagram feed on Shopify.

Methods to Embed Instagram Feed On Shopify

You can find ample ways to embed Instagram feed on Shopify; while some require more time, others require sound coding skills. But, for your ease and convenience, we have listed the most straightforward, time-saving, and coding-free methods for this purpose. You can adopt these techniques with ease and enjoy the benefits it offers.


#1 Using Social Media Aggregators

Social media aggregators bring great helps to business and marketers. The tool is helping businesses to make utmost use of social media platforms and extract great benefits from them. You can find many different social media aggregator tools on the internet and use them to embed Instagram feed to Shopify.

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Social media aggregators help users collect social media feeds and display them on their desired websites. And to embed Instagram feed on Shopify using social media aggregators, all you need to do is – Pick the preferred tool, collect the Instagram feed using that particular tool, copy the embedding code and paste it into the backend of the website.

Alongside simplifying the whole embedding process, the tools also provide useful features that add significant value to this strategy and make it more effective. The features include customization that helps personalize the widget as per the need, a moderation that allows removing irrelevant content, etc.


#2 Using Shopify apps

Shopify provides some useful apps to users that improve the store’s functionality and make it pleasing and presentable. You can find ample Shopify apps that help you embed Instagram feed on the Shopify store. All you need to do is pick a Shopify app at your convenience, download the app for your store, and with the help of the app, embed Instagram Widget to your Shopify store.

These apps provide more or less the same features as social media aggregators and help you improve your store’s charm.


Instagram is a phenomenal social media platform that helps brands achieve their marketing goals. By adding the Instagram feed to the website, you can extract great benefits from the platform. So what are you waiting for? Add them with ease and take your business to new heights.


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