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How much does Google Workspace cost? Can increases be expected in 2023?

Google Workspace, previously known as G Suite, is a popular productivity suite among entrepreneurs and small businesses based not only on an integrated app set, but also on flexible pricing packages. After Google ceased offering to businesses its G Suite legacy free edition, your organisation might be interested in transitioning to a paid Google Workspace account. Discover in this article the costs for Google Workspace Business subscriptions and what to expect from Google in the following year pricing wise.

What is Google Workspace, exactly?

Originated from a couple of productivity apps connected to a Gmail account, Google Workspace offers nowadays a range of cloud-based office productivity tools. Starting with the infamous mail application, Google has also added tools like Google Drive for storage, Docs, Sheets or Slides for teamwork and Chat or Meet for connectivity. 

Workspace is now available in paid versions for companies, schools or other organisations, extending the applications’ capabilities, security and management with each vertical upgrade possible. Check out the Google Workspace costs as FOTC offers them. 

How much do you have to budget for Google Workspace subscriptions?

Once you have decided to migrate to Google’s ecosystem of productivity apps, you only have to select the subscription that best accommodates your company’s needs. Starting from 100 concurrent participants in a Google Meet call with 30 GB of cloud storage per user and going until 500 participants and unlimited cloud storage, find how much is Google Workspace costing. 

  • First level of Workspace subscription is called Business Starter with 4.68 EUR/ net per user. For this cost, each of the employees will have their own Gmail mailbox with the company’s domain, access to all text, spreadsheet, and presentation apps, and 30GB of cloud storage in Drive. The company will be able to organise video conferences with up to 100 participants simultaneously and will benefit from security control and management, as well as basic Google Workspace support.
  • Next upgrade is the Google Workspace Business Standard plan, with 9.36 EUR/net per user. In this subscription, your organisation will get access to all the previously mentioned tools while being upgraded to 2 TB of cloud storage per user. Among extra Business Standard offerings there is also an increase to 150 Meet participants. 
  • On a subsequent vertical upgrade, you will be able to access the Google Workspace Business Plus package, at the price of 15.6 EUR /month for each user. In addition to increased storage space of up to 5 TB and video conferencing with up to 500 simultaneous users, your company will benefit from enhanced security, advanced management settings including Vault access and advanced endpoint management.
  • The last upgrade available is the Google Workspace Enterprise plan – with unlimited storage, advanced settings and capabilities. This package, also divided into Essentials, Standard and Google Workspace Enterprise Plus plans, is the most powerful edition of the Workspace suite and includes unlimited cloud storage for each user, advanced management, security options, extensive video conferencing options and close control on the company’s monthly costs. To find out a price for these licences, contact FOTC cloud specialists directly to ask for an offer. 

Are there any free Google Workspace subscriptions?

There also are a couple of situations where you can get a completely free Google Workspace plan. One of these options is Google Workspace for nonprofit organisations, where the standard edition is completely free. Remember to check firstly if Google Workspace for Nonprofits is available in your country. 

You can also get a completely free Google Workspace plan with Google Workspace for Education, a set of native Google tools and services tailored for schools, educational institutions, and hybrid education in general. In its Fundamentals plan, the standard one, your institution can obtain up to 10.000 Workspace licences for free.

Regarding the possible cost changes in 2023, Google has a habit to surprise us annually with a useful change to the Google Workspace packages. Whether the novelties will include new application development or a price increase for upgraded services, we will have to wait and see what their plans are. 

Find out if the Google Workspace suite is compatible with your organisation’s workflow and test the services for free, for 30 days, with the help of FOTC. Regardless of the size or type of your business, you can try any Google Workspace package for free for a full month and then receive favourable discounts from the partner. 

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