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How Long Does It Take To Develop A Mobile Application?

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Once you decide to develop an app for your business, many questions come to your mind. Among those, one of the questions most users ask is how long it takes to develop an application. 

As time has great importance in every aspect of life, knowing the length of the app development cycle is also important. 

Hence, to answer your question, the blog has provided a complete guide based on which you can decide the estimated time for your mobile app development.  

Firstly, it’s nearly impossible to define the accurate time of the mobile app development process until its release in the market. Even though you know about your application and its target audience, some factors affect the time for app development.  

Factors affecting time needed for Mobile App Development

Following are some factors the affect the time required for mobile application development. 


The platform a user choose derives the time and cost to construct an app. Although both Android and iOS platforms require a high time to develop an app android takes longer. 

In addition, the fragmentation problems on the Android platform make the process more lengthy than usual. Therefore, Google has constantly streamed and modified the Android Software Developers Kit. 

It will help the developers to handle the pixel densities, OS versions, screen sizes etc. Likewise, the application approval time in the Android platform is lesser in contrast with the Ios platform. 


How your mobile app development company or developer understands your vision also plays a significant role in defining the time range. 

If your application idea is quite basic and simple, the developer team or the developer can quickly and easily implement and execute the plan of action. 

Similarly, if you are creating an application with advanced features, you will have to invest more to bring clarity to your ideas, plan and vision. 

Again, though, the better understanding you will have of your application and the features to be added, the better the result will be. 

Conversely, a minor misconception about the application can result in poor outcomes; hence you should ensure not to build one. 


The features you want to add to your mobile app also impact the development time for creating an appThe more the number of features will be, the more time-consuming the process will be. 

Also, the kind of functionality or feature you will instruct to include in your app matters. Some features are easy to add, and some are not. 

The difficult ones to add to the application require more time and effort. So it depends on the complexity of the features and functionality.  

The complexity of the functionalities and the application idea the developer will add may create risk in the situation. Sometimes, you spend a large amount on app development, which does not bring the expected results. 

One can opt to create a minimal viable product to cover the loss of effort, money and time. It is a product designed with imperative and limited features to gain valuable responses and the scope of the market for product development. 

Therefore, if your first version of the application has negative results, you can modify your idea based on your responses. 

Similarly, if you get positive outcomes from your application, you can include other features in successive releases. Although it is a time-consuming process, profitable. 

Targeted Audience

Developing a mobile application for a larger audience requires more factors than when compared to those for a few users. 

An application for a large audience requires additional money in performance testing, infrastructure, architecture and tuning. All these factors again add more development time for creating an app. 

Undoubtedly, an error-free and fully functional application have high success rates than the ones that crash in a short period. 

Thus, it is necessary to inform the developer of the size of your target audience, based on which they inform you about the time to be taken in the process. 

After you tell them about the target audience, they ensure that the application follows all the important KPIs. 

App Development Process

The mobile app development process you follow significantly impacts the time needed for its development. A good process helps you plan, design, build and monitor the desired time. At the same time, an irregularity can imbalance the whole process. 

Though if you adopt the Agile methodology that allows the solutions and requirements to come as a combined effort of the user and the team, you can reduce the time. 

It encourages adaptive planning, development, quick deliveries and constant improvements in the process. The best thing about this methodology is that it is good for complex applications in which the needs of the customers change frequently. 

Apart from this, despite handling the development process one by one, you can save more time if you plan to conduct the development process in multiple modules in parallel form. It will help you generate great output in a short period. 


Communication is the key to making any complex thing look easy. For good results, the mobile development company and the clients must remain in constant touch. 

Suppose the development team or the client finds it difficult to communicate about the application owing to a time gap or any other problem. 

In that case, the issues can be resolved slower during development. These delays add more time for the application to develop completely. 

Hence, as a responsible firm, you should always effectively communicate with the developer or the team to speed up the process and avoid issues. 


Henceforth, these factors are responsible for the time process in mobile app development. The platform, communication, number of features, complexity, and target audience decide how long it will take to develop a mobile application for your business. 

Developing an app that generates positive outcomes in the application market takes time, money, strategy and effort. Therefore, as a responsible firm, one should remember or study the following things before expecting a specific period for their app. 

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Saurabh Sharma is a Digital Marketing Executive at Arka Softwares, a leading mobile app & web development company. He has 2 years of experience in the Information Technology industry. He spends his time reading about new trends in Digital Marketing and the latest app development technologies.

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