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How long does a heat pressling to save temperature ?

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Steam generators and conventional steam heat pressling are very similar – at least at first glance. However, steam generators have a very different design and operate differently. They use a separate base unit that contains water and contains a heater. The heat pressling body itself contains no water. Vapors are transferred from the base unit to the heat pressling via a hollow connecting pipe. We are providing heat press at affordable rates.

Steam generators are generally more expensive than conventional steam heat pressling, but they offer significant customer benefits. You should take a moment to review the key factors before deciding which one to buy. Important points to consider when comparing steam generators include water tank volume, steam pressure, base, how easy it is to clean, and general usability.

steam pressure:

The vapors allow moisture and heat to penetrate the compressed fabric. This makes it more flexible and makes it easier to remove wrinkles and creases. The higher the steam pressure, the deeper it will penetrate the ironed fabric and the better the result will be.

Steam heat pressling typically deliver one gram of steam per minute. The larger the number, the more steam is generated and the easier it is to iron. Typical values ​​range from 70 to 140 grams per minute (c/minute).

Sometimes you can see the indicated steam pressure on the rod. Again, the greater the amount, the more vapor is formed and the more it penetrates the material.

Water tank capacity:

Steam generators typically have relatively large water reservoirs. This allows you to continue heat pressling for longer without having to fill a water reservoir. The exact time will depend on the type of material you are heat pressling and the temperature at which the heat presslingis installed – but a 1.4 liter jug ​​should last for several hours after heat pressling.

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If you heat pressing lot, consider choosing a model with a larger water tank. If you have a small heat pressling board, you may need to make sure that the pipe connecting the holder to the heat pressing long enough to work with the base unit on the floor and not at the end of the heat pressling board.

Think how easy it is to fill a water tank. Much better steam generator heat pressling have reservoirs that can be removed for easier filling. It is much better than mixing with water. Many heat pressling have the option to fill the tank even when using the heat pressling- meaning it can be prevented from turning it off and then waiting for it to warm up again after filling.


The heat presslingbase should glide effortlessly over the different fabrics – while also creating enough friction to remove wrinkles and creases. It should be easy to clean, scratch resistant, durable and strong. Ceramic-coated soles are widely used today and are a good option.

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