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How Food Affects Your Teeth’s Health?

How Food Affects Your Teeth’s Health?

Tooth decay damages your teeth and may necessitate fillings and extractions. Decay takes place when bacteria, which form part of the plague, react with sugar. This reaction leads to the formation of acids, which end up attacking the teeth and destroying the enamel. After happening many times, the teeth break down and form cavities or holes in the dentine. This then accelerates the rate at which tooth decay takes place.

All forms of sugar can cause tooth decay.

All types of sugar can cause the decay of your teeth. Remember that sugar comes in many forms and among the most common include sucrose, fructose, galactose and more. All these types of sugar can damage your teeth. Most of the processed foods that you find on the shelves today contain sugar. This is the reason why you should read the list of ingredients on the packaging of products while you are shopping. And when reading the product labels, you will come across messages that mention no sugar added. This doesn’t mean that the product is sugar free. It may contain sugars that have been labeled as carbohydrates.

Can food and drink cause erosion?

Also, there is some linkage between acidic foods and teeth health. Foods that have high acid content erode the enamel, and this directly or indirectly leads to dental erosion. Remember that foods that have a lower PH are the most acidic and those are the foods that may cause more damage to your teeth than other types of foods. This is why it’s important to understand them and choose the food types that are most appropriate for you. Cola, red wine, vinegar, and others are some of the most acidic foods out there, so you should limit them considerably in your diet.

Snacks also contribute to tooth decay.

It’s better to have three major meals a day than six snacks. But if there is a need to snack between meals, you should try your best to choose snack items that don’t have sugar in them. Also, reduce oranges, lemons, and other fruits that have a high acid concentration. 

Regular dental checkups are important.

You are advised to brush at least twice every day, and also floss once a day. This helps reduce the formation of plague and also limit the amount of acid that forms in your mouth. While brushing, you should use dental products that have active elements. It’s recommended that you ask your dentist for suggestions if you are not sure about which ones you should choose. Also it’s advisable to schedule appointments for checks and thorough cleaning once every 6 months. You don’t have to wait until you have dental problems before you schedule appointments. This is very important for your general dental health. This ensures that your dentist catches any dental problem before it becomes a serious issue.

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