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How Does Holistic Cure People Against Relapsing

Most of the rehab centers and mental challenges treatment lean on either medication or group discussion. However, if you are looking for the ideal and luxury rehab center that fights efficiently for the holistic treatment center has got you covered.

Along with the medical spa treatment, 5-star accommodation you also have the satisfied approach of being at the licensed sanctuary that uses Pouyan healing method. At the holistic c sanctuary you get the treatment of many mental challenges and disorders including depression, anxiety, trauma, drug abuse, substance addition and many more disorders.

However, what sets the standard high is the use of 100% natural and plant based medication and treatment methods that never make you addicted anymore. With total withdrawal of the symptoms, the holistic sanctuary offers its clients and patients with ideal mental repair and fuller trauma optimization that never relapses.

Moreover, the Holistic Treatment Center offers you the natural healing therapies followed by nutrients, super foods, yoga and fitness activities, daily massages and many more healing treatments.

What NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) for Addiction Recovery at holistic treatment?

To keep up with the ideal mental health there are a lot of factors that are acting upon. And one such a factor is Neuro Linguistic Programming for behavioral patterns. Struggling with addiction certainly leaves a bad impact on achieving and working towards the goal. And that promotes the feeling of depression and any for obvious reasons.

At holistic rehab centers the patient gets the NLP recovery that boosts mental health and also enhances the ability to experience authentic happiness.

How does holistic rehab sanctuary prevent relapse in patients?

Proper heading and getting rid of the addiction or trauma is all that matters. While many rehab centers are not efficient enough for the life-long healing approach the holistic rehab offers you natural healing methods. From fitness actives o the one on one session, here you get the personalized care with experienced staff.

And if you talk about relapse prevention, holistic rehab has relapse prevention techniques that work towards recovery. This technique is ideal to figure out the destructive thought and behavioral patterns that are creating hindrance for the recovery. For relapse prevention it’s important to know that each patient has a different “trigger” approach that can reverse back the recovered treatment. So what holistic treatment does is to carefully examine the behaviors and find out those “triggers’ that dominated the recovery.

We have the high-end drug rehab centers that work the best way to permanently cure the addiction. However, we mainly focused on repairing the brain and using the Pouyan healing method to treat the mind, body, and soul better.

We offer multiple therapies and 150 hours per month to the patient that includes

  • Daily Yoga
  • Daily Massage
  • Beachfront Amenities
  • Daily Reiki Energy Healing
  • Daily Green Coffee Colonics, liver detox, parasite and candida detox
  • Daily Meditation guided by kundalini yogi
  • Daily HBOT pure oxygen infusions
  • Includes Full medically supervised Plant Medicines, Ibogaine, Changa DMT, 5 MeO DMT, and Ayahuasca Ceremonies
  • Includes Sacred Medicine Medically Supervised Ibogaine Treatment
  • Daily Amino acid IV drips / NAD+ / Ozone / Chelation / Brain and Gaba Repair
  • Glutathione and NAD+ 5 hours per day of IV drips
  • Mitochondria Repair Protocol (Proprietary- IV Drips)
  • Stem Cell Activation Protocol (Treatment Center Proprietary- HBOT plus IV Drips-)
  • Total Liver Detox Protocol (Proprietary Green Coffee Enemas, Herbs & Tonics and Superfoods)
  • Virus- Pathogen- Parasite Cleanse (Proprietary- Alkaline Herbs & Diet)
  • Spiritual Awakening/Pineal Gland, Outer Body Experience (Ancient Medicine Science,
  • DMT Ayahuasca, Ibogaine, Iboga)
  • Heavy Metal Cleanse Chelation Cellular Detoxification (Proprietary IV Drip)
  • Chakra Re-balancing (Reiki, Energy Work)
  • Motivational Talks (non-punitive)

Daily Access to GYM/Fitness 1 hour of cardio and gym time daily