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How do you get a free version of WPS PowerPoint?

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WPS Office is the superior option to Microsoft Office since it can compete with Microsoft Office in every aspect of its appearance and feature set. Users may easily download and set up the accessible version of the software. The WPS office consists of a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation tool, and more. It is fully compatible with Microsoft document formats and free PPT download.

WPS Office Benefits

  • WPS office offers its users several advantages and features. The cloud component of WPS is among its best qualities. It provides 1 GB of free cloud storage.
  • Word documents may be created from PDF files with WPS Office. Users of this fantastic program may use many characteristics, one of which is that it has minimal system requirements.
  • The WPS office offers the benefit of cloud storage, which works well with the iOS and Android versions of the program if you enjoy working remotely. If you’ve recently used Microsoft Office, you’ll feel at home using the free edition of the WPS office suite. This is the case since the WPS office uses a comparable ribbon interface and all the most popular tools and choices, ensuring that you won’t run into any problems using the program.
  • However, the only negative is that consumers must endure obnoxious advertisements when using any of its functions. We can be confident that you will agree that the software package is excellent.

What Characteristics Define The WPS Office?

WPS cloud:

Users will be able to profit from its cloud storage with 1G free space for PC and iOS after they install the WPS office. As a result, this functionality allows you to access and update documents whenever and anywhere you choose.

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Drag-and-drop software

WPS Office has a paragraph layout option that lets users make document alterations. Users may quickly adjust a paragraph’s spacing and indentation with only a few mouse clicks, in addition to its placement.

Tabs for several documents:

The challenges of toggling between numerous document windows can be avoided. The ctrl+tab combination may be used to switch between documents in the tab bar that is situated above the editing portion of the window. Users may significantly alter papers with this functionality.

Navigating this Section:

It is simple to move between edit parts with the section navigation tool. Cover pages, header and footer, split legs, and delete sections are among the edit sections.

No-cost templates:

For creating word documents, spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentation, WPS Office offers a wide variety of free template alternatives. It can help consumers save a ton of time. Choose your favourite templates from the WPS office collection to quickly build your file in the format you want.

Get A Free Version Of WPS Powerpoint

The WPS office also has an integrated optical character recognition (OCR) tool that enables you to turn images into text. So without hesitating, follow these simple actions to free PPT download.

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