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planets influence

How do the planets influence our lives?


Planets are the most significant to play their roles in astrology, according to a Genuine Astrologer in Delhi. However, they also play an important role in our lives. For example, the planets influence our personality development from our birth moment. Moreover, the movements of the planets also play unexpected parts in influencing our lives. Therefore, you must know about the different ways the planets affect you.

How planets improve personality

Every person has a birth chart that tells us exactly where each planet and constellation was in the sky at our birth. Each planet consists of some specific traits to impact our characters. These planets also influence our moods, strengths, and weaknesses. Therefore, the planets in your chart are the facet of your personality. It is believed in Vedic astrology that the planets travel through different zodiac signs while they change their position in the sky. Therefore, each planet consists of a specific sign of the zodiac.

Our daily life and the role of the planets

The planets and constellations are always in a moving position in the sky. If we want to understand the influence of planets, we must know their positions in the zodiac at any given time. The Sun, Moon, and inner planets, including Mercury, Venus, and Mars, move faster than other planets as they’re closer to earth. Therefore, their influence on our personal, everyday lives is for a short period The outer planets, including Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto, take 7 years to move through the zodiac. For that reason, their influence is also at a large scale or generational level. Jupiter and Saturn are responsible for controlling interpersonal issues, while Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto influence other issues that are related to society.

Role of each planet on our lives

Sun: The Sun is symbolic of our identity, ego, and sense of self. The Sun is undoubtedly the brightest star in the solar system, and it helps to evolve our core being, our will to live, and the force of creativity. The movements of the Sun impact important aspects of our personal lives, including our health, well-being, and strength. The Sun is also the planet of the self.

  • Symbol: ⊙
  • Influence on zodiac: Leo
  • Energy: Masculine

Moon: The Moon circles around the zodiac signs in the space of a month. The Moon is connected to our memory, emotions, capability, and the enhancement of our souls. The movements of the Moon control our moods and dreams. Therefore, the Moon is known as the Planet of Emotions.

  • Symbol: ☽
  • Influence on the zodiac: Cancer
  • Energy: Feminine

Mercury: Mercury is the planet of communication, talent, and awareness. Mercury helps evolve our ability to communicate, explain, and understand things and their importance to us. Mercury also controls our logic, reasoning, power of learning and teaching. The planet’s energy is quick-moving and can make a person feel restless. It is also the Planet of Communication

  • Symbol: ☿
  • Influence on the zodiac: Gemini and Virgo
  • Energy: Neutral/ungendered

Mars: Mars is the ruling planet of human nature, including energy, love, drive, and determination. This planet influences a person to evolve energy and take action to get success in life. Mars is also the planet of bravery, honour, and passion.

  • Symbol: ♂
  • Influence on the zodiac: Aries and Scorpio
  • Energy: Masculine

Venus: Venus is the planet of pleasure, beauty, and harmony. The planet also controls our emotional attachments, marriages, and friendships. It is also the Planet of Love and Money

  • Symbol: ♀
  • Influence on the zodiac: Taurus and Libra
  • Energy: Feminine

Jupiter: Jupiter is the planet of good luck, success and abundance. It also regions the realms of religion and philosophy. Jupiter controls our optimism and is the planet of good fortune in our lives.

  • Symbol: ♃
  • Influence on the zodiac: Sagittarius
  • Energy: Masculine

Saturn: The planet is symbolic of our hard work, boundaries, and time. Saturn is also the planet of old age and the inner wisdom that we gain as we age. Saturn is also the Planet of Karma.

  • Symbol: ♄
  • Influence on the zodiac: Capricorn
  • Energy: Masculine

Uranus: It is the planet of growth and technological advancement. The planet controls Progressive changes, new ideas and arts, and modern intellectual ideas.

  • Symbol: ♅
  • Influence on the zodiac: Aquarius
  • Energy: Androgynous

Neptune: The planet is symbolic of the ability to go beyond reality and harness positive energy. Neptune’s energy is symbolic of spiritual awareness. It is also the planet that governs art forms like music and poetry.

  • Symbol: ♆
  • Influence on the zodiac: Pisces
  • Energy: Feminine

Pluto: The planet is related to creation, death, power, and transformation. Pluto’s energy influences hidden aspects of ourselves. The planet also controls the reproductive system, but it also has a sinister side.

  • Symbol: ♇
  • Influence on the zodiac: Scorpio
  • Energy: Feminine


So, here are some glimpses about the role of the planets in our lives. You can also contact a Genuine Astrologer in Delhi to know more about the planets.

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