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How candles play a significant role; repel the mosquitos

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Candles play a significant role in the protection of human beings. People use different types of candles not only for lighting purposes, but also for repelling different kinds of pesticides. Hence, the scent of oil candles can play a role of repel pesticides. Cut the piece of lemon and kept near the candle jar. Citronella oil extract  from the lemongrass, mostly used for repelling pests. Lemongrass oil extracts from natural ingredients play an effective role in pests. The mosquito hates the scent of natural oil, that’s why, when the citronella candles burn, they create a scent, and the mosquitos run away.

Scent oils, protect from disease and protect from insects and Pests;

1: Lemon Eucalyptus Oil :

Lemon eucalyptus is a tree, and the leaves of the tree help to prevent the skin. So, the leaves of the tree applied on your body can be helpful to you to be far away from the insects. These leave also be very useful for the joined patients.

2: Lavender Oil:

Lavender oil has been extracted from the tree and extracted oil can also be directly applied to this oil on the dry skin. Hence, this oil is expensive and doesn’t use this oil if it can damage your skin. Crushed Lavender flowers produce a fragrance that can affect insects badly.

3:Cinnamon Oil:

The cinnamon oil derives from the inner bark shots of three. So, the cinnamon oil shows a different and attractive smell. This oil is very spicy and uses also use for cooking purposes. This oil can kill insects and protect us from many diseases. Hence, It plays an important role in the safety of our teeth.

4:Thyme Oil:

You can get thyme oil from different flowers. This  oil is derive from the flowers, that’s why their smell is very decent from the other oils. This oil has the ability to reduce foodborne bacteria and provide many other healthful benefits. It can not only repel the mosquitoes but also the chiggers and ticks.

Benefits of Thyme Oil

1:Thyme oil is very useful for reducing the acne bacteria on the skin. Thyme oil contains many compounds that can be very beneficial for killing bacteria. So,  most of the compounds provide health safety from different kinds of diseases.

2:Thyme oil is essential because this can be helpful to cure the disease of breast cancer.

3: It can be very useful to cure, the infection of the respiratory tract. Thyme oil reduces the symptoms of cough, especially in the cold season.

4: This oil preserves the food from spoiling and cures the food in different conditions. It can be beneficial for storing purpose of food.

5; Greek Catmint Oil;

Greek catmint oil is obtained by the steam distillation of trees and the tops of the many flowers. The mixture of tree and flower oil gives a heart-touching fragrance. This oil is eco-friendly. This oil keeps away the insects from the skin.

6: Soybean Oil;

Soybean oil is not only used in the candles but also use for cooking purposes. Soybean oil is very helpful for the preparation of medicines.

These oils are used for the manufacturing of candles and provide different types of fragrances. The smoke of these candles keeps away the insects from the skin.

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