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How Can WordPress Theme Detector Help You?

The WordPress theme detector is a tool that helps users find new themes for their blogs. It analyses the top most popular WordPress themes and provides information about the theme, such as its author, number of downloads, and reviews. So, it is a website that gives you an overview of some of the best WordPress themes out there.

Why do You Need a WordPress Theme Detector?

It’s great for bloggers who are looking for new design ideas or just want to find out what other people are using. This way, you can find new design ideas and ensure that you are using a reliable theme that other users have used before you even start.

Why is Themesinfo WP Theme Detector Unique?

Themesinfo scans all the websites in the world and finds all WordPress themes. Up to now, it has managed to scan more than 14 mln WordPress websites. Consequently, that makes Themesinfo #1 in the WP theme detectors sector. On the market, just Themesinfo has discovered all known WordPress themes. 

Moreover, it has built a full list of the most popular WordPress themes, free and commercial ones. On Themesinfo, you can also find a list with the top WordPress theme authors, and you can also discover the most famous plugins used on WordPress websites.

How does Themesinfo WP Theme Detector Work?

Themesinfo WP theme detector has a friendly and accessible interface. So, you just need to insert the URL or domain you are interested in to detect the themes or plugins that are used. Then, after some moments, Themesinfo WordPress theme detector will provide you with all the needed information. Thus, it identifies the theme name, author, the number of websites that use this theme, theme folder, version, theme, and author homepages. Moreover, you can get a short description of the particular theme that will guide you about where and how you can use it.

Chrome Extension of the WordPress Theme Detector to Improve Your Experience

With the help of the Chrome extension of Themesinfo WordPress theme detector,  the WP theme detector can tell you which themes and plugins are running on the website you are currently viewing.

This extension is fast because it uses our powerful server-side API, not your browser performance. When viewing a WordPress site, the extension icon will turn blue; when viewing a non-WordPress site, it will turn grey.

Give it a try! Moreover, it’s FREE! 

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