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How Can Timely Diabetes Treatment Save Your Life?

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Avail the Most Effective Diabetes Treatment to Regain Your Fitness

Diabetes is a “silent killer” as it may gradually damage all other vital body organs. So, it would be best if you were very careful in receiving the best treatment for this ailment. If you are diagnosed with diabetes, you should not waste time searching for a diabetes doctor near you. Timely treatment can help you control diabetes and prevent other diseases.


Various types of diabetes

The presence of glucose is essential for supplying energy to your body. The pancreas secretes a hormone called insulin, which can decompose complex sugar into simple glucose molecules for faster absorption by body cells. When the glucose level in your blood elevates much higher than usual, this ailment is medically termed diabetes.
If the excessive intake of sugary foods or carbohydrates exceeds the usual glucose absorption capacity of cells, the glucose content in the blood becomes abnormally high. The failure of the pancreas in insulin production can also result in diabetes. There are different types of diabetes, among which Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are the most common.
Type 1 diabetes – When the pancreas does not produce sufficient insulin, your body will experience a sharp rise in blood sugar levels. A similar situation arises if the insulin in the body system cannot be appropriately used. This type of diabetes is common in children and young people and cannot be entirely cured with medications.
Type 2 diabetes – You can be affected by this type of diabetes at any age, though aged people are likely to need treatment for this ailment. The over-intake of sweet foods is the prime cause of this diabetes, and it is manageable through medications and strict diet control by a diabetes doctor.

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Different types of diabetes treatment

Your doctor can recommend various types of diabetes treatment, depending on the severity of your diabetes and your health condition.

Insulin injection – If you have Type 1 diabetes, the doctor may prescribe one or two insulin injections daily. Even Type 2 diabetes can be treated successfully with an insulin injection. When the natural insulin production in your body is deficient, this insulin injection can help lower the blood sugar level.
Medications – Various tablets are available to help you cure diabetes. These medicines can boost insulin production from the pancreas. The doctor may also suggest medication for weight loss if you are overweight.
Changes in lifestyle to cure diabetes

A few changes in your lifestyle can lower your blood sugar level, per your doctor’s suggestions.

Eat healthy foods – You must add lots of whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits to your daily diet. These foods will add fibre and nutrients to your body system. You need to avoid all kinds of sweet foods and beverages to prevent an increase in your blood sugar level. You can consult your diabetes doctor or a dietician to decide on a balanced diet daily.
Daily exercise regimes – Regular workout routines can help in managing your diabetes. Your doctor can decide the types of exercises that can boost insulin production. Physical activities, like morning or evening walks, cycling, and swimming, can also help reduce blood sugar levels.
Drink plenty of water – As dehydration can worsen diabetes symptoms, you need to drink 6 – 8 glasses of water daily. However, the intake of sweetened fruit juice, carbonated drinks, and caffeinated beverages should be limited, as they cannot help hydrate your body.

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Stop smoking and alcohol – The habit of smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages is unhealthy for you if you are diagnosed with diabetes. The liver will be adversely affected by the alcohol content in your body. Moreover, there may be a risk of sudden sugar fall due to the action of alcohol, which can be fatal as well.
Stay away from stress – If you are stressed for a long time, the hormonal activities in your body may result in high blood sugar levels. Hence, you must relax and avoid stressful situations as much as possible. You may consult a doctor to learn practical relaxation techniques, like yoga and meditation.

Monitor your blood sugar level at home

You need to have a glucometer at home to check your blood sugar level regularly. As laboratory glucose tests can be expensive for ordinary people, they should buy glucometers to save this extra expense. Aged people over 45 should use their devices and check their glucose levels weekly or at least twice a month. This regular check can help in diabetes treatment, as you know the exact position of your blood sugar level.
Therefore, it is clear that diabetes is not a dangerous ailment if treated properly. You need regular diabetes treatment to stay healthy despite this disease. You must follow a disciplined lifestyle to eliminate all related complications caused by diabetes.

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