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How can a society management app help a society function better?

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A society management software is bred from the demands of cooperative societies. Especially, in housing complexes, and offices where the number of occupants per square foot is extremely high, a society management app, like My Gate can induce revolutionary changes. Usually, in a huge society with a limited number of gates, a responsibility imbalance is at play. The guards are usually bestowed with essential responsibilities that are of paramount importance to the inhabitants. And failing to meet these expectations can cost them their very profession. And sometimes the same is unavoidable for the personnel at the gate.

A society management software makes things easy for both the occupants and the guards. By granting a higher degree of control to the households. In addition to that, the societies that follow society bye-laws, greatly benefit from the communication and transparency propositions of a society management system.

How does it work?

A society management app can be accessed through any smartphone by any inhabitant of a society. The entry is usually controlled by community admins and management personnel. The other component is the guard’s device. This device is almost a smartphone or tablet, only with internet connectivity for running the guard’s module of the app.

When an entry happens, the guard records the same and all the users can see it. Thus, everyone knows who is entering a compound and leaving with accurate temporal information added to it. In addition to that, the entries are usually restricted by owners. And can be notified for approval or denial through this app and the guard’s device.

Furthermore, e-deliveries, emergency alerts, and parking can all be managed through these systems. Something essential for societies following the society’s bye-laws.

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Why do society bye-laws exist?

These sets of laws are in place for ensuring a fulfilling lodging experience. The bye-laws of the management of a housing complex are on track and great care is being taken for the betterment of essential services and amenities. Thus, the communities that follow these laws are well serviced and find their grievances addressed in no time.

How does a society management app help?

With the community and communication features of a social management system, an entire community can get access to all the related and relevant information.  Also, communicate selectively with members for arranging meets and events. The bye-law following societies must conduct these meets and events for ensuring support and keeping maintenance on track.

Thus, society management software makes things hassle-free and easy for both parties. In addition to that, such systems can help out with executing the decisions made at the events and meetups. By empowering the inhabitants with more control.

The specific aspects improved by a society management software


A well-designed society management app, allows the users to seamlessly avail of all the services that are on offer. And book amenities in advance. In addition to amenities, service and maintenance work requests can be realized with ease and lightning speed. And as these requests are public, they can be spotted and resolved by concerned individuals remarkably fast. A great tool for the managing bodies to keep the apartments and the compound maintained.


Accounts can be largely automated by society management software. For pending and delays, notifications can be issued and bills can be kept on time. Something that frees up a lot of human and temporal resources. This helps in maintaining a smooth flow of cash. And allowed the management body to act whenever it is necessary. Helping them remain honest with the guidelines set by society bye-laws.

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A well-connected community is happier. As they can resolve interpersonal issues at personal discretion. Furthermore, these systems can be used for raising a topic and asking for everyone’s opinions through virtual poles. Thus, the conflict of interests can be lowered to a minimum by society management software. And an overall harmony can be maintained.


A society management app like MyGate is not just security and maintenance software. It is far beyond the realms of both. Such systems are known for distributing responsibilities and keeping things as simple and transparent as possible. Something, resulting in a stress-free environment for both the authorities and inhabitants. Thus, gated societies opting for a society management system are bound to be well connected, lead a happening and eventful life and be adequately aware of the daily incidents inside the compound that can affect everyone. Thus, mitigation of problems can be planned in earnest. And often prevented before onset!

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