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Hostbillo Review: Are Their Dedicated Server USA Services Good?

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Many web hosting providers are in the market; among them, Hostbillo stands out as a well-known affordable hosting provider. Known for its reliable hosting services, the company’s basic plans are reasonably priced and fit into anyone’s budget. Especially if we talk about their dedicated server hosting services in USA, then the features and server resources it delivers to every user are commendable. We can’t deny that the host charges a reasonable price for the services. Hostbillo is the best host when it comes to keeping the server network up and faster speed.

This article will inform us about Hostbillo Hosting Solution and its Dedicated Server USA services overview. So, let’s start the guide.

Hostbillo Overview

Hostbillo Hosting solution is a web hosting company that offers affordable hosting plans at very reasonable rates. From small businesses to giant companies can find hosting solutions here. Since the company provides very secure networking connectivity, people like to opt for its hosting services for their web pages. Dedicated servers are one of the affordable hosting solutions that Hostbillo offers. The powerful bare-metal hosting solution is mainly used by high-traffic sites that need high-tech and hyper-grade hosting solutions. So, if you are also looking for services, get Hostbillo’s Dedicated Server USA plans and host your sites on a powerful server. You get admin access to the server by which you can customize the server settings per your needs.

How is Hostbillo’s USA Dedicated Server the Best?

How is Hostbillo's USA Dedicated Server the Best?

The uniqueness of each hosting provider lies in its ability to deliver something different from its competitors. However, there are many other providers too that copy them. But Hostbillo differs from all of them; the company guarantees a 99.90% network uptime and stands on it. Its USA Dedicated Server plans are unique in themselves, as the server resources and features are an easy-to-access and very effective. Let’s know details about the features in depth.

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Enhanced Security

Hostbillo’d Dedicated Server USA has robust data safety mechanisms and the strength to protect the server from DDoS attacks and malware. It provides a regular malware scan facility by which you can scan and detect viruses, worms, trojans, and spyware. The server uses modern antivirus protection, which helps to connect your data with secure channels.

Server Resources

You need potent resources for easy task functionality to handle the whole server. And it is recommended to have at least an 8C/16T core to process the server efficiently. And in Hostbillo’s US Dedicated Server plans, you get a CPU core from 8C/16T to 20C/40T. So you can quickly process the server and upgrade the plans whenever you need. You also get 32GB RAM with the package that you can upgrade in the future at additional prices.

Operating System Choices

How you can operate your server is totally up to you. Some users are good with Linux Os, and some with Windows. Both operating systems have good features and are easily useable. Hostbillo presents its dedicated server plans with these two operating system choices. Its Linux Dedicated Server USA services deliver Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS distributions, And with Windows, you get 2012, 2016, and 2019 Microsoft software. Both are very much affordable and easy to use.

Hardware RAID

It is a redundant array of independent disks(RAID) where the processing will be done on separate RAID cared. It balances the overlapping I/O operations and spreads the data on multiple disks to improve performance. Hostbillo supports RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, and RAID 10. It offers Cheap Dedicated Server USA plans that let you buy all or one for an additional fee.

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SSH Root Access

You get SSH root control to have total power over the dedicated physical server. It enables you to customize, configure, and operate the server based on your needs. You can also install many web applications and software f you need for your business website. You can also install additional security software to protect it from malicious activity. The root control lets you connect more users to the server, and with this, you create a separate panel for their accounts to control their server settings.

Support Every Programming Language

When you buy the plan, you know Hostbillo supports all programming languages. From CGI, Python, PHP 5, and all PHP frameworks to CMS such as Joomla, Magento, WordPress, and Drupal, you get full support with its Dedicated Server USA services. So, the server provides full support in whichever language mode your website is.

SSL Certificate

For secure transactions on the site, you get a free SSL certificate to protect sensitive financial information from hackers. It creates a secure layer between the user and the website to access the data with high-level security measures. So, whenever your customers buy services or products from your site, it creates a secured layer that protects the data, and no one can access it. From small businesses to giant ones, every company owner opts for SSL certificates on their sites. Moreover, Hostbillo offers SSL Certificates for free with its Cheap Dedicated Server USA plans.

Hostbillo’s Pricings for US Dedicated Server Plans

What’s interesting about Hostbillo’s pricings for Dedicated Server USA plans is that the initial package starts at $45 per month, including a powerful processor, 8C/16T core, 16 GB core, and more. With the plan, you will get enough bandwidth and storage to handle your site’s high traffic efficiently. The services also have a wide range of hosting packages, so you can grab the best one that needs your location. The basic plan covers up to 250GB of storage and 16GB RAM to powerfully manage your site with very secure channels.

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Benefits of Using Hostbillo’s Best Dedicated Server USA Services

Hostbillo’s Best Dedicated Server USA plans have many benefits that improve your website performance. The server resources it offers are commendable; let’s see what your site will get.

  1. Hostbillo provides a 99.90% network uptime guarantee with its hosting services that helps the server keep up the server at high-traffic times.
  2. You’ll get seven days of credit back assurance, so if you want to switch to another package or plan, you can change it in 7 days.
  3. The customer support team is available 24*7, so if you need any help, they are there to help you with every problem.
  4. To configure the server settings, you get total root control.
  5. You can have free migration services free of cost with Hostbillo’s Dedicated Server USA plans for your business.


Hostbillo is the best host for high-traffic website owners in the USA. The company holds a robust hosting network with secure channels. You’ll be hosting your site on the most powerful server if you get its Dedicated Server USA services. They provide the choice to opt for the nearest data center facilities with the plans.

Also, as you can see, the minimum charge for the hosting package is $45, which is much less. The number of server resources the plan holds is not arguable. Also, if you want a customized hosting environment for your server, you can ask them and get it however you want it to be.

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