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How to Hire Android App Developer for Your Project in 2022

How to Hire Android App Developer for Your Project in 2022

The number of Android smartphone users in the US is on a steady rise.

And the situation isn’t much different worldwide. 

So if you want to reach your business audience in 2022, getting an Android app developed is a great idea.

But did you know there are 2,674,830 apps currently live on the Google Play Store? 

Now if you don’t want your mobile app to just be one among many, you need to hire an Android developer to ensure that your app finds a place in your audience’s phones as well as their hearts. 

Hiring Android app developers is no child’s play though. To help you, however, we have a comprehensive guide right here. Read on. 

Table of Contents

What model to choose for hiring Android app developers?

In-house Android app developers

Freelance mobile app developers

Engaging Android app development companies

Staff Augmentation

What platform to use for hiring Android app developers?

Professional social media platforms like LinkedIn

Freelance portals like Upwork

Review platforms like Clutch & GoodFirms

Recruiting portals like Indeed & Monster

Talent connect platforms

References and referrals

What skills to look for in Android app developers?

Technical skills

Soft skills

What else to look for in Android mobile app developers?

Experience in the field

Past portfolio of Android apps developed

References and client testimonials

Payment models

3 Android app developer hiring mistakes to avoid

Not signing an NDA

Not exploring all possible options

Going for the cheapest options

Hire the right Android app developer for your project today

What model to choose for hiring Android app developers?

There are several recruitment models for hiring Android app developers. Check out the options and find the most suitable one for your needs. 

1. In-house Android app developers

The classic method of hiring Android app developers is to recruit them in-house.


– Greater control over the hiring process 

– Increased safety


  • Time-taking 
  • Costly
  • High overhead costs of hiring an employee on roll

2. Freelance mobile app developers 

If your app development project is small and doesn’t require long-term developer engagement, you can look for freelance Android app developers.


  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to find freelancers
  • Quick process
  • No overheads
  • Easy to scale up and down


  • Lack of continuity and long-term support
  • Lack of commitment from freelancers
  • Limited control over the freelancer
  • Possibility of data breaches
  • Less focus and dedication on your project as freelancers may have multiple simultaneous projects.

3. Engaging Android app development companies 

If you need not just one or two Android app developers but an entire team along with project managers, coordinators, QAs, designers, and more, you can collaborate with an Android mobile app development company.


  • One-stop solution
  • A high degree of professionalism
  • Long-term support and maintenance services


  • The threat of losing vital business data
  • Costly services 
  • Possibility of clashes due to varying company cultures

 4. Staff Augmentation

If you are looking to hire android app designers who function as an extension of your team, you can go for IT staff augmentation services. This involves hiring developers on a retainer or project basis and paying only for their services.


  • No hiring cost
  • Fast process
  • Easy to hire and fire developers as per need
  • No employee overheads
  • No need to focus on employee management


  • Finding the right staff augmentation partner can be tough

What platform to use for hiring Android app developers?

Once you have decided on the model for recruiting Android application developers, you can pick one of the following platforms to begin hiring –

1. Professional social media platforms like LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is a great networking platform for businesses. Whether you are looking to hire an in-house developer, a freelancer, a mobile app development company, or a staff augmentation partner, a simple LinkedIn search can give the relevant results. Then you can contact the right people/companies via the LinkedIn platform itself.

2. Freelance portals like Upwork 

If you are looking for freelancers, Upwork is a reliable platform. You can find freelancers from across the globe available for remote mobile app development jobs here. 

You can also find mobile app development companies on Upwork and similar platforms these days. 

3. Review platforms like Clutch & GoodFirms 

If you are looking for a mobile app development company or a staffing service provider, you can check out peer review platforms like Clutch or GoodFirms. By simply navigating to the right lists, you can find top contenders and sort them based on price range, reviews, location, and more. 

4. Recruiting portals like Indeed & Monster 

For in-house hiring, you can post job listings on portals like Indeed and Monster. Upon posting the job, you’ll receive the resumes of interested mobile app developers. Further you can schedule interviews and hire the most suitable candidate. Recruiters can make their hiring workflow easy with the use of recruitment software.

5. Talent connect platforms 

One way to leverage staff augmentation services is to find talent connect platforms that connect you with the right experts. These platforms can help you find the right candidate within 24-72 hours. You don’t have to bear hiring overheads or look after employee management. 

6. References and referrals

If there are others in your circle (personal or professional) who have hired mobile app developers for Android app development, you can also seek references and referrals from them. 

What skills to look for in Android app developers?

Just like you need a skilled architect to build your home, you need a skilled Android app developer to build your business mobile application. Here are the key skills you need to look for while making the hiring call.

1. Technical skills 

2. Soft skills 


What else to look for in Android mobile app developers?

Skills are definitely the key factor when hiring Android mobile app developers. But there are other factors too that cannot be ignored.

1. Experience in the field 

Having just on-paper skills is not enough. You need to see how much experience the developer has in Android app development. The more the experience, the higher the chances that the developer will be able to deliver desired results. 

2. Past  portfolio of Android apps developed 

To be able to better gauge the kind of results an Android app developer can yield, explore their portfolio. Have they developed successful apps in the past? Do the apps have the kind of features, form, and functionality that you are looking for in your app?

Answers to these questions will help you understand if they are ideal for you or not. 

3. References and client testimonials 

A 2020 study revealed that a whopping 78% of candidates lie on their resumes. That means even if someone has great skills, years of experience, and successful projects listed on their resume, you cannot blindly trust them. You should ask for references and talk to them to get their honest opinion. And you can also read reviews that former clients have left for them on various review and rating platforms.

4. Payment models 

It is obvious that the cost of hiring a mobile app developer should be a key deciding factor. However, you should make sure you consider the payment models. You can hire experts on an hourly basis, on a project basis, or even a milestone-based payment approach too. Depending on your project requirements, you can choose a payment model that doesn’t burden your wallet and also get the job done.

3 Android app developer hiring mistakes to avoid

1. Not signing an NDA

A non-disclosure agreement gives you legal protection from having your business mobile app idea copied, stolen, or leaked.

Always sign an NDA before discussing project specifics with Android app developers or mobile app development companies to avoid data breaches.

2. Not exploring all possible options

In 2022, our world is more global than ever before. And you shouldn’t restrict your search for an Android app developer to a specific geographical location.  By being open to offshore candidates you can get access to a wider pool of talent and cost advantages too. 

3. Going for the cheapest options

While you might be tempted to hire the developer or mobile app development agency that quotes the lowest price, don’t do it blindly. The cheapest option may not be the best option. Also, if they ruin your app development project, you might have to spend way more on getting things fixed and back on track. 

Hire the right Android app developer for your project today

With that, you have all the information that you need to hire Android app developers for your project in 2022. Let the search begin.

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