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High Roller Junior 4.5 inch Review

The High Roller Junior 4.5 inch Hoverboard is the perfect scooter for kids. It incorporates high-tech components while being compact and lightweight, appealing to a wide range of users.

Something new about this hoverboard is how the company has gone all the way to make sure it is good quality, impressive, and kid-friendly. Another feature you get with a more expensive adult skate which includes being waterproof is that it would be featured as well.

This is a review of the Hoverboard HIGH ROLLER 4.5. In this review, I will be taking a closer look at some features and benefits, as well as answering why this board is an excellent choice for kids and younger riders.

What are the major functions of the HIGH ROLLER JUNIOR 4.5 Inch Hoverboard?

This is durable, the high-performing device has features that last a long time, a battery life that goes on forever, and safety features. It may be worth trying out

This High Roller Hoverboard Supports a Range of Riders

This hoverboard is lightweight, large enough to provide a comfortable ride, and small enough to be portable. It has dimensions of 23.6 width x 7.3 depth x 7 height (inches).

This high-quality hoverboard can travel uphill up to a grade of 15 degrees, sustain 132 pounds, and its durable, guaranteeing that you have the smoothest ride.

Slyde offers high-quality wheels with a rubber tire and aluminum rims. At 4.5 inches in diameter, the wheels glide smoothly through the roads with complete control. The ergonomic design allows your ride to be comfortable and enjoyably smooth at every turn.

High Roller Hoverboard Ensures a Safe Ride

Non-skid foot pads make this hoverboard even more stable and easy to ride for beginners. The HIGH ROLLER 4.5 Inch hoverboard is equipped with leisure lights, music, and the capability of going up to a maximum speed of seven miles per hour.

It has a UL tested battery and charger that is certified safe, preventing fire hazards while offering cool battery charging. Their bright blue headlights will help you ride at night.

A Range of Features and Benefits to Enjoy

This hoverboard can reach speeds up to 4.9 mph and can go as far as 6.2 miles on a single charge. Gyro sensors detect even slight movements to deliver a controlled ride that’s powerful but also easy to control for stunts such as spins and sharp turns.

Learn about the features of the HIGH ROLLER JUNIOR

The features of the easy-to-use hoverboard

Review of UL-tested hoverboards

High Roller Junior best cheap hoverboards are UL2272, UL2271 and UL60950-1 approved, which means you can be sure that the product is safe for use in battery charging. They also have enhanced battery charging protection to prevent equipment from overcharging.

Hoverboard Powered by Dual 250W Motors

The hoverboard can carry up to 132 pounds and climb up slopes of 15 degrees. It is powered by two 250-watt motors.

The HIGH ROLLER JUNIOR is a durable hoverboard that will last you a long time. It has a great grip and the fork in the corner makes it easy to glide down it as well.

How this hoverboard deals with all types of terrain

The Maxi25 has a 6.2-mile range and speeds up to 4.9 mph on a single charge.

The top features of this hoverboard

High-quality rubber tires and a smooth ride to get children on and off.

Green LED headlight and Battery indicator

It can take three hours for the scooter to charge fully. It alerts you when it is running low on battery power so you have time to plug in your phone charger. When the battery starts to beep, you should try to turn off some of the lights to continue charging it.

The Pros of High Roller Hoverboards

Weighing less than 18 pounds

Talented Athletes Proudly Ride on the HOVR

The UL has certified the hoverboard

Powerful and fast High Roller Hoverboard

Learn about the mileage of this hoverboard and other specs with our review

The Safety of the High Roller Hoverboard

3 Reasons You Should Get a High Roller Hoverboard

How the hoverboard is sturdy and waterproof

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Here is the verdict

The HIGH ROLLER 6.5-inch hoverboard is a great gift for your kids, with many features that make it optimal for outdoor use.

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