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High pressure compressor

PET air compressor Choosing a system in the Pakistan

One day in 1979, a business acquaintance phoned to tell me that, High pressure compressor, he had just purchased his first single-stage cup blowing machine with a base for his business. He was taken aback when he discovered that the machine required approximately 100 psi of air pressure to blow the bottles. As a result, I began developing a PET compressor (PET). Since then, I’ve designed and delivered over 350 systems to locations as diverse as Tobago and Tibet.

For advanced, high-speed bottle designs, pressures can range from 250 psi to 650 psi, depending on the design. Blowing pressures are reduced in order to conserve energy.

PET Air Compressors are available in a variety of configurations

Miniature PET air High pressure compressor systems began with lubricated piston units, while larger systems with water-cooled, oil-free intensifiers were introduced later on. The use of four-stage centrifugal compressors has grown in popularity during the last decade. Single-stage intensifiers with air cooling and lubrication are used by smaller businesses. Reciprocating machines with three stages and no oil are the most efficient..

Here is a general overview of the many different types of air compressors that are currently available.

High pressure compressor
High pressure compressor

Piston with three stages of air cooling

Each has a maximum flow rate of 40/80 CFM and requires only light lubrication to function properly. As a result, it must be employed in a variety of settings; it serves as a backup; and it is lightweight. Small systems have a life expectancy of 10–12 years at a low cost.

With a service life of 10 to 15 years, this efficient single-stage booster utilises existing or required 125 to 175 psi input air.

Inlet air pressure of 125 psi; low speed; large footprint; efficient; low price; When there is a large amount of low-pressure air available, it is used. a reasonable price for large-scale systems

There are four stages and they produce 1,800/5,000 CFM; this is no oil, no space and hence minimal energy costs. Little maintenance but there is a lot of overhaul. 10–15 year service life; appropriate for base-load large-scale systems with a 10–15 year service life


Water-cooled piston with a flow rate of 90/1400 CFM; oil-free; small footprint depending on configuration; most efficient choice Inspect the machine after 4,000-6,000 hours to avoid incurring large maintenance costs. The highest investment cost per CFM; a service life of 20-30 years; and is employed in the majority of large PET production plants.

Three-stage compressors with no oil are available

PET systems can benefit from an oil-free, water-cooled reciprocating air compressor from AF Compressors. WP271L high-pressure piston air compressor for PET bottles and containers

Filling small PE bottles with compressed air using a compressor

The single-stage can last for a considerable period of time. PET bottling factories with a low cost of operation can profit from Booster.

Calculating the Air Requirements for Blow Molding

With a better understanding of the equipment that is available, we can select the compressed air system that is most appropriate for the plant’s requirements. When determining the blowing air requirements for your application, there are 11 important factors to consider.

Different types of plants

Is this a new plant or an expansion of an existing one? Is there a service or a part that I require? Keep things as simple as possible. when it comes to compressor start-up and remote operation

Design of the water cycle, number two

When compared to fancy food and medication bottles, simple water bottles demand less pressure. The design, complexity, and kind of compressor will all be determined by the market.

Air Purification

It is possible to get three-stage lubricated pistons as well as intensifiers with three-stage filtration. Finally, a carbon filter is used to remove unpleasant tastes and odours. It is necessary to change the filters on a regular basis. systém (1000 hours for carbon filters and 2000 hours for particulate. and coalescing filters). Many companies, such as Trace Analytics, may undertake air quality sampling to ensure that the air quality and process compliance are maintained at a high level.

Oil-free compressors do not require the use of lubricants in the cylinders and are capable of filtering contaminants from the air they receive. I recommend that you use particulate and carbon filters to guarantee that your air quality is good.

Purge system air dryers are kept at a temperature of 38° F. Some large corporations. Desiccant dryers should be use in drainage systems to avoid freeze dryer failures. Mold and moisture are kept at bay by a freeze drier that is kept in good working order. WIRING DIAGRAM FOR A LOW PRESSURE COMPRESSOR


The project’s timetable

A sophisticated PET blowing system is, without a doubt, expensive to purchase. A small three-stage PET air compressor or booster is require for a business plan that will last 5-7 years. Larger and more refreshing. PET compressors should be consider for long-term projects if financing is available. A blow molding compressor system is typically 20 percent of the cost of a new machine or mold, according to industry standards.

The duration of the operation

The number of hours the equipment is use on a yearly basis is an obvious aspect. Many small specialty bottle manufacturers operate five-day shifts of 2,000 hours each week in order to meet demand. It is clear that this is a simple air-cool unit. Upgrade to larger water-cooled units when production hits 4,000-6,000 hours per year, according to the manufacturer.

Lowest possible blow-off pressure

As previously reported, blowing pressures began at 250 psi and have since increased to between 450 and 500 psi on average. The design of the cylinder and the speed of the machine both influence the required blowing pressure. Pressure causes the compressor to generate more heat, which reduces the intervals between maintenance visits and raises energy costs. Several of the facilities with which I’ve dealt have reduced pressure to as low as 50 psi as a result of less maintenance and cheaper electrical expenses, respectively. This necessitated the adjustment of the blowing machine as well as the monitoring of the cylinders throughout the pressure reduction process.

Compressed Air Pressure Reduction in Plastics: What It Is and How It Works

For more information, please see the accompanying slides and the free webcast recording.

Recoveries from Blow Molding

Recognizing the need for a PET blow moulding machine is essential.

Flow measurement under high pressure

PET bottle blowing has been reduce

Auditing should be improve.

Impact of plant pressures is diminishing over time.

Polymers are often use in low-pressure applications.

Reduced plant pressures can save energy.

Equipment location

Systems are often install after the compressors. The following criteria should be consider when situating the compressor. Allow 3 feet between major components.

Do you need a forklift to remove heavy components like engines?


During the hottest section of the day, the interior should not be hotter than the outside. A/C is necessary.

Suspended portal:

For big water-cooled High pressure compressor , a suspended portal or. The room plan should incorporate A-frames.

Future Expansion:

Plan the layout if you anticipate needing more space, piping, compressors, or electrical equipment.

Maintenance capabilities:

You have daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance resources. High-pressure PET compressors are the most expensive component to maintain while blowing bottles. Train your service employees to follow maintenance advice everyday. 2,000, 4,000, and 6,000 hour maintenance should be complete immediately. If you don’t have the abilities, hire a service provider. Routine maintenance is require to avoid downtime.

Checklist for low- and high-pressure air compressors

Backup system:

The system may be require for remote locations or 98 percent capacity. The difficulty is how to restore your existing system. For backup systems, many organisations opt for used or refurbished systems, or convert their existing systems.

Each 4,000-hour horsepower costs $257 at 0.08 cents per kW. 100 CFM at 500 pressure requires 50 horsepower, which costs $12,835 yearly and a $50,000-$80,000 investment. 500 CFM at 500 pressure costs around $64,172 for 100 horsepower, or $20,000 to $150,000. You may monitor how energy prices effect profits. Some important cost-saving measures:

The compressor should not run for longer than 10 minutes.

The compressor-to-blower pressure difference should not exceed 15 psi.

Puff the bottle with the lowest amount of pressure possible.

Install a controller in multi-machine systems

Install a flow metre to ensure that mould or pipe/equipment  High pressure compressor leaks do not increase air consumption.

Electronic compressed air measurement bulletin is monthly

How can the system be manage without measuring compressed air flow, dew point, oil, pressure, and kWh? Examples of system, evaluation, and tool process profiles are provided. Read more: Zebra partner in Pakistan

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