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Hatta Dubai tour

Heritage Village Tour-What Does One Day Hatta Trip Include?

Dubai is home to the tallest structures, massive buildings, and many other urban attractions. This is why it always remains crowded with tourists. However, did you know there’s another side to Dubai not many tourists know about? It’s peaceful, calm, and full of natural beauty. We are talking about Hatta here. Many companies offer Hatta Dubai tour packages.

Hatta is a great weekend retreat from Dubai, with beautiful mountain ranges and a rich cultural history. Apart from the stunning mountains, off-the-beaten-path tourists frequently flock to Hatta Dubai for a refreshing change of pace. There’s so much to do for adrenaline junkies who want to go on an impromptu bike trip or battle the waves in a colourful kayak.

Take a stroll through its heritage street to learn about Hatta’s lively culture and learn about the Emirate’s past. A trip to Hatta Dubai is a getaway from the daily hectic life, so here are some things you can do to make your trip to Hatta Dubai one to remember.

Visit The Hatta Heritage Village:

Learn about Dubai’s historic tales as you stroll through the city’s oldest village. Take a look at the ancient watchtowers, mosques, and forts that still survive today. The Hatta Heritage Village, which was restored in 2001, now shows several objects such as weaponry, furnishings, and instruments that will offer you a glimpse into its prestigious past.

Barbeque at Hatta Hill Park with a View:

Take a short ride outside of the village to Hatta Hill Park, a recreational and environmental park developed by the Dubai government. Enjoy a delectable barbecue with panoramic views of the gorgeous mountains and Hatta village from the top. Hatta Hill Park, whether for a romantic evening or a family dinner, will undoubtedly be the highlight of your trip.

A Mountain Safari Through Hatta:

A challenging mountain safari takes you through many beautiful pitstops to give you a firsthand look at Hatta’s rocky hills. The trip begins on the Wadi paths as you navigate the rocky range in your 4WD with a professional driver. Driving through the Hatta mountain’s dried riverbeds on your way to the freshwater springs is a very unique and pleasant experience. Energize your senses as you dive into the blue freshwater of the pools beneath the sky roof, which will refresh you during your journey.

At The Hatta Wadi Hub, Go On An Adventure Spree:

The Hatta Wadi Hub, which opened in 2018 as a new addition to Hatta’s adventure spell, is perfect for an extra dosage of thrill. Mountain biking, downhill carting, a human slingshot, ax throwing, archery, adventure rope courses, zip lines, and several other activities are available to spice up your trip.

At The Hatta Drop-In, Enjoy Spills and Thrills:

There’s another interesting addition near the Hatta Wadi Hub that will get you wet. The Hatta Drop-In is a “water jump park” with exciting “drop-in doughnuts” and insane slides. Find out what it is by going there. If you enjoy zorbing, there is a brand new zorbing center where you can ride a large transparent orb down a hill.

Visit Tanor Lahm Restaurant and Enjoy an Emirati meal:

Tanor Lahm Restaurant in Hatta serves authentic Emirati cuisine. After a long day of exploring, reward yourself with a bite of one of Hatta’s many famous or savory dishes, such as chicken, lamb, or camel. Don’t forget to taste their whole sheep supper, which is fit for a king, if you’re looking for a casual dining experience.

Engage in the soothing spa at the JA Hatta Fort Hotel:

A royal pampering is in order after a long, weary day of adventure. At the opulent JA Hatta Fort Hotel, refresh your body and mind with a relaxing spa treatment. Take advantage of some of its amazing deals and make the most of your vacation by getting a therapeutic massage.

Final Thoughts

Hatta Tour from Dubai combines a fantastic safari experience with a rare mountain tour, sightseeing, and trekking. On this private road trip by 4×4 from Dubai, fall in love with the beautiful desert and Hatta Mountain Tour.

Walkthrough the beautiful fields of the hills and ridges. Take in the peace and head into the rugged Hajar Mountains, then to Hatta Heritage Village, a charming old mountain town with mud-and-stone buildings, where you may put on a show.

In a nutshell, a trip to Hatta Dubai allows you to disconnect from the hectic schedule and enjoy a relaxing day.

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