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Grow your Fast-Food Business with Custom Burger Boxes

Burgers are meant to be enjoyed by all. Custom-designed boxes for burgers ensure that your burgers remain as fresh as they can. In addition, your customers will appreciate the ease of take-out their burgers in custom boxes.

Our unique design makes it simple to store fries, burgers, salad, soda cans, and ketchup pouches simultaneously.

In addition to being food-safe, the boxes we create are constructed out of the sustainable and environmentally friendly paperboard materials. The packaging also has natural antibacterial and odour-resistant characteristics. This is why the burgers remain soft and fresh for a long time after being wrapped.

But there’s much more than this. The advantages of customizing hamburger packaging using Packaging Printing are described below.

Design Your Own Brand-Named Packaging for Restaurants or Food Businesses

Restaurants and fast-food businesses can utilize promotional burger boxes to advertise their brands. The tray is centrally placed, filled with fries, burgers, dips, and sodas. In addition, your logo or custom artwork could appear on the outer of the cardboard, along with contact information for the restaurant tags, slogans, or taglines.

Our premium customized burger boxes are ideal for restaurant owners who want to showcase their burgers in fashion. In addition, you’ll surely delight your family and friends with this burger box.

We offer branded product packaging to increase sales at take-outs and make sure your logo and art align with your brand’s image. Your restaurant is sure to stand out from the other food chains by using a distinctive custom design, by offering unique packaging that entices customers as they make through the line and aids in increasing sales.

Our hamburger boxes are the best option to represent your burgers and can be customized to fit your branding. They are custom-designed to meet your requirements. They will therefore provide your customers with exceptional service.

Keep Your Products Fresh and Warm in Burger Boxes

Burger Boxes

You don’t need to think outside of the box!

Our packaging solution lets consumers enjoy their burgers in the car because of its sustainability.

We create food packaging that is customizable, flexible, and light.

Food-grade cardboard is used in our brand-new packaging for burgers. In addition, the cardboard box can be folded while remaining airtight. As a result, burgers will stay cool and fresh for longer than the food packaging standards.

Printing your packaging using FDA-approved ink guarantees that it looks fantastic and is safe. Food items can be served from these boxes, too, because they fold down into tray-like containers. For example, the popular cardboard burger boxes can aid in decorating your hamburgers.

One of the advantages of food-grade cardboard containers is that they are bio-degradable, safe, and eco-friendly. In addition, the boxes have a glass window, so you can showcase your best and also accommodate kids’ food. For more information, contact us now!

Custom-designed Burger Boxes

We create custom-designed burger boxes with your company’s image displayed on the packaging. Whatever your requirements are, we will give you no matter how complicated or straightforward, simple or extravagant.

Make use of graphics such as an images, logos, slogans, or a promotional message to draw interest to your product. Thus it will become a part of the conversation.

Boxes are not just available in various types. They also come with endless customization options, meaning you can customize your hamburger boxes distinctly. Some of the options include: Make burgers big using these cardboard boxes with handles! Create your burgers elegantly by using our customized food boxes. They are easy to carry, and these boxes have handles.

The compartments in our hamburger containers are made to divide fries and sodas and onion, sauces, dips, and toppings. So when you’re taking your food items to a gathering or bringing it home, everything will be in a straight line. It is suitable for any event or conference.

Windowed burger boxes are just like traditional boxes but more appealing. To be compatible with how we eat our burgers the way we eat, we’ve completely transformed the box.

Your delicious creation can now be seen through custom window boxes that include fresh cheese, lettuce, corn tomatoes, olives, onions, and many more! Bring your gourmet burgers up a notch using our customized burger box.

Where Can You Order Custom Burger Boxes in Large Quantities?

Fast food businesses or restaurants serving burgers will require hamburger boxes. At PackagingPrinting, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality prices and the quickest delivery times on customized hamburger containers.

Minimum order quantities aren’t needed. It is a fact that eating burgers with friends is the most enjoyable. In this way, you’ll be able to enjoy it while attracting attention to your establishment with these boxes with the logo of your business and artwork.

Create a Food Box that Stand Out!

People love the flavour of hamburgers, and they’re tasty treats that are loved because of their taste. It doesn’t matter if it’s chicken or a zinger; children and adults love burgers. There is now a wide variety of burgers at eateries to satisfy the needs of different individuals.

Hamburgers are certainly the most lovely food item worldwide, and customized burger boxes also contribute significantly to helping businesses grow. The colours create a pleasing overall effect on the human mind because of the box’s design, including the logo, dimensions, shapes, and lamination.

People are more likely to sample an unfamiliar burger brand if it’s well packaged. So to make your box appear stunning, there are four main aspects to think about:

Multi-Finishing Options

Multi Finishes for Packaging

Finalizing the burger boxes is the final step to creating the packaging. It’s also the most crucial step since it will give the packaging the last look. Laminates are available in glossy and matte, and matte finishes.

The glossy lamination looks stunning on both sides. Since it’s not from a reputable field, such as medicine, it’s great to use for packaging hamburgers. Packaging Printing provides customers with extravagant packaging for their hamburgers by laminating the containers with a glossy or matte finish.

Customized Shapes and Sizes

A rectangular burger is just as delicious as a round burger and is prepared the same way. There is no need to buy folding cartons for burgers as owners can pick the form they prefer.

Our team is skilled at creating unique packaging that makes an identity for the customer. Our customers can pick from a wide range of environmentally friendly packaging materials to package their products.

Color Schemes and Themes

A striking colour combination could increase your perception of Kraft hamburger boxes. Colours for packaging typically complement the colors of the logo. However, the customer can decide the colours they want to choose. If they wish, they can have the packaging decorated with the colours of the client’s choice.

A qualified team of experts designs packaging boxes at Packaging Printing. We produce custom burger boxes with a vast knowledge of consumer behavior and the market trend.

Food Packaging with Brand Logo

If the design of the custom burger boxes looks fantastic, then the printing of the logo will look amazing. By demonstrating brand value, printing a logo increases the item’s value.

If you select the embossed and spot UV logo version, the customer will receive attractive spot UV boxes that present the embossed logo and the design offered by the Packaging Printing specialists. Since we’ve been in business for several years, many customers say that Packaging Printing is a trusted packaging provider to create unique burger boxes.

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