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Golden Cane Palm | Know Everything About This Indoor Beauty

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Whether you are a plant enthusiast or not, you must already be familiar with this extremely popular and widely used palm tree having yellow or green fronds and golden stems. The golden cane palm is popular with several other names, such as bamboo palm, Butterfly palm, and a few others. The plant does not demand a sophisticated care routine and can thrive with just a few considerations. This blog will discuss all the essential elements related to this plant, including care tips and some interesting facts. Let’s move ahead and discuss this interesting plant. 

Interesting facts about Golden Cane Palm

Acts as an air cleanser

It has been absorbed that golden cane palm is a great air purifier that keeps a fresh and toxic-free environment. This is also a primary reason  why many people prefer this plant inside their homes. It has the potential to eliminate harmful gases including nitrogen dioxide and formaldehyde. Indoor pollution has been recognized to be contributing to the mind-stressing and physical health related concerns. The indoor chores such as cooking and heating are the foremost reasons for this indoor air deterioration. This incredible plant helps you elevate the freshness and make the air suitable for breathing.

Growing nature

It depends on the area where you have grown this plant. It will show completely different growth if it has been planted in the ground or inside a pot. The estimated growth of the poland when grown in a garden is about 6-12 metres larger having the leaves of about 2 metres longer. On the other hand when planted inside a pot, its height may be relatively lesser.

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Medicinal use

Many are unaware of medicinal uses of this plant. In Asian countries, it has been used since ancient times for treating mental health. It acts as a betel nut and is capable of adding the elements of alertness in a person’s body. The taste of the plant is mildly sweet and spicy at the same time.

Care tips for maintain golden cane palm 


The plant would appreciate a bright area with mild sunlight when put in a home’s interior. It has the capacity to bear direct sunlight. It can also thrive accurately in shady areas having less amounts of direct sunlight.


When watering the plant, keep in mind the frequency and quality to be used. The soil must be moist evenly but it must not be overly wet. When considering rewarming, check whether the soil has been dried out to about 2-3 cm.

In the winter, lower the frequency of the watering than summers and ensure checking the draining out of the moisture in the soil. If you want to check the soil’s moist level, push your finger inside the soil and dig a little deeper.

Environmental condition

The golden cane palm appreciates mild to warm temperatures. High humidity levels suitable for the plant to grow effortlessly. In the winter season, if the plant starts drying up, you need to give it a little more humidity by providing it with misting.


Once you buy your plant from a nearby nursery or online plant sellers, you can ensure its hinderless growth by fertilising it effectively. Slow-release fertilisers are completely suitable for the plant to develop easily. It will also keep your plant away from pests and other possible issues.

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Wrapping Up

Golden cane palm is a great indoor plant that not only looks great but also offers several health and environmental benefits with its air purifying and medicinal advantages. YOu can take care of this less demanding plant with just a few considerations discussed above.

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