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Get DMCA Free Hosting & IPTV Streaming Server with our Limited period Offer

Suppose one thing bothers people who host websites that contain something against the state or any other party. The website might be taken down on security or DMCA grounds. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a copyright law that gives Dmca Free Hosting companies the authority to shut down the website if they are found to host anything that is copied or pirated. In addition, the DMCA gives individuals the power to easily report fake complaints against you that can sometimes put your website down. It happens because the hosting companies often don’t check for proof that copyright infringement occurred, and many genuine websites may go down. You may ask what the solution is here. The answer is the WebCare360™ offshore hosting that is much more sincere about DMCA complaints, and almost most of the time, they ignore the request altogether, thus making sure your website is up and running in all cases. There are other benefits of using the WebCare360™ hosting services. Some of them are as follows:

Increase Page Load Times

  • With the WebCare360™ hosting services, the page load time of your website is reduced mu many seconds, thus improving the overall experience on your website. Improve speed is due to the proximity of a dedicated offshore server to my target audience. You also get to choose the offshore location, meaning you can select the area close to your target audience.

Offshore Unmetered Dedicated Server

  • If you are looking for hosting services, consider how many offer an unmetered dedicated server. You will find that a limited number of service providers provide these services, but with WebCare360™ hosting services, you get access to an Unmetered Dedicated Server.


  • WebCare360™ only uses branded & high-end hardware hosted at different geographical locations across the globe. With the rock-solid network backed by redundant service built for unbeatable reliability and 99.99% uptime.

Anonymous Hosting

  • WebCare360™ focuses a lot on privacy. It offers cheap offshore web hosting and anonymous offshore servers that are difficult to track and impossible to gather information about that. When you host a website using our service, you are anonymous no one will ever know about your identity online.


With offshore hosting, you get ignored DMCA hosting policy, 100% Uptime, increased page load times for an offshore audience, more customer-friendly approach with high bandwidth. Several more, including anonymity, privacy, and other safety features, are bundled with an offshore hosting plan.

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