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Fun Gift Ideas for Someone Close to You

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Searching for an immaculate present for somebody close to you? Check out our top picks! From something fun and festive to a heartfelt and personalized present, we’ve got you covered.

No matter what your budget is, we have ideas that will make your loved one feel special. So get inspired and start shopping!

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1. Coffee Mug

Coffee is something that most people need in their lives. What could be a more astute present than a mug that celebrates their coffee addiction? There are so many different ways to personalize this gift, from choosing their favourite breed of dog to getting their initials monogrammed.

2. Engraved Wallet

A wallet is something that everyone uses on a daily basis, so why not make it extra special with an engraved message? This present is perfect for a significant other, best friend, or family member. It’s a gift that they’ll be sure to utilise and retain of you every moment they do.

3. Customized Phone Case

With everyone having a smartphone these days, a personalized phone case is a great way to show someone you care. You can find cases to fit any type of phone, and there are endless design options to choose from. Whether they prefer something fun and funky or sleek and sophisticated, you’ll be able to find the perfect case for them.

4. Personalized Photo Frame

A photo frame is always a welcome gift, but one that’s been customized with your own photos and messages is even better. This is a great way to commemorate a special moment or event, such as a wedding, graduation, or birth of a child. It’s also a nice way to show personal you’re thinking of them even when you’re far apart.

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5. Engraved Jewelry

Jewellery is always a popular gift, and there are so many ways to make it personal. You can have a message engraved on the piece, or choose something that celebrates their hobbies or interests. For example, if they love to travel, you could get them a necklace with a globe pendant. Or if they’re into sports, you could get them a bracelet with their favourite team’s logo. Moreover if they like to indulge in smoking herbs you can always buy them 24k gold rolling papers.

6. Customized T-Shirt

A custom t-shirt is a fun and unique gift for anyone, regardless of their age. You can find t-shirts for any type of interest, from music to movies to sports. Or you can be ingenious and devise your own! This present is sure to be a hit with anyone who loves to express their personality through their clothes.

7. Engraved Keychain

A keychain is a small but mighty gift that can be used every day. And when it’s been engraved with a special message, it becomes even more meaningful. This present is perfect for someone who’s always on the go, or an individual who likes to maintain their keys arranged in style.

8. Personalized mug

Like the coffee mug, a personalized mug is a great gift for anyone who loves their morning cup of joe. But you can also find mugs for tea drinkers, hot chocolate lovers, and more. So whether they prefer a warm beverage or a cold one, they’ll appreciate this thoughtful present.

9. Customized notebook

A customized notebook is a great gift for anyone who likes to write, draw, or just needs a place to jot down their thoughts. You can find notebooks in all sorts of sizes, colours, and styles. And with so many customization choices obtainable, you can make it as memorable as the recipient.

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10. Engraved lighter

An engraved lighter is a great gift for anyone who smokes, or for someone who just likes to have a light handy. You can find lighters in all sorts of styles, from classic to modern. And with so many engraving options available, you can make it as personal or as professional as you like.

11. Personalized bookends

Bookends are a great way to add a touch of personality to any bookshelf. And when they’re customized with the recipient’s name or initials, they become even more special. This present is perfect for anyone who loves to read, and it’s a nice way to show off their personality in their home.

12. Cologne/perfume

A personalized bottle of cologne or perfume is a luxurious and unique gift for anyone who loves to smell good. You can have their name etched on the bottle, or choose a scent that’s special to them. Either way, they’re sure to appreciate this one-of-a-kind present.


These are just a few ideas to get you started, but there are endless possibilities when it comes to personalized gifts. So get creative, and show someone you care with a present that’s been made just for them.

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