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Top Full Suspension Mountain Bike Under $2000 Review

We’ve tested and reviewed full suspension mountain bikes, so we’re in a great position to tell you which ones are worth considering. Their features considering the height range, frame material, tire size, brakes, weight, and even a few extras, all tell a narrative of value for money. After all, these characteristics influence the bike’s handling, control, and riding experience, among other things. Finally, we selected the top-rated three bikes listed below as the most stunning and must-buy full suspension mountain bikes.

Best 3 Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

The good thing about mountain bikes is that there are a few innovations that have driven the sport’s price down to under $2000 throughout the years. We’ve compiled a selection of lightweight full suspension mountain bikes under $2000 and reviewed them in depth in this post. 

  • Hawk Hill 2

The Hawk Hill 2 is a trail bike with a lot of features. When riding through difficult terrain and uneven surfaces, you won’t feel much impact because of the 120m of front and rear tire suspension travel. The appropriate geometry of the bike improves comfort, allowing you to feel energized even at faster speeds.

Hawk Hill 2 is distinguished for its comfort and stability. When turning curves, for example, the wide 780mm handlebars and small 45mm stem make this trail bike comfortable and responsive. You won’t have to put in a lot of effort when steering around bends, which is ideal if you’re always on the road and need to turn corners frequently.

When riding uphill, many riders are impressed by the bike’s performance and comfort. Its 73.2-degree seat tube angle maintains your weight close to the bottom bracket, making uphill steering easier and more predictable. In addition, the rear tire provides exceptional grip on grass, mud, and rainy days. Even while you’re seated, the bike distributes your weight evenly across both wheels, giving you a sense of control.


  • Wide handlebars provide a comfortable and stable handling experience.
  • On the rough ground and uneven surfaces, it performs excellently.
  • Weight distribution is very even.


  • Heavy 
  • PASELEC  Electric Mountain Bike 

Full suspension electric mountain bikes, such as Paselec, are where the fun begins in the world of electric bikes. These bikes provide you with the confidence and comfort to complete things that you wouldn’t be able to do on other electric bikes. The 48 V, 14.5AH/16AH(Ampere Hour) huge capacity battery on the PASELEC Electric Bike provides fast acceleration, excellent climbing capabilities, and a range of up to 50 miles on a single charge.

Its eight charging precautions ensure rational lithium battery management, ensuring the battery’s security and extending its life. The lock is anti-theft and watertight, so you may drive without fear of being robbed. The GS9-plus has five power-assist settings, ranging from 1 to 5. It can reach speeds of 25-28 mph, providing a stronger force and reaction to fulfill acceleration demands every time.

The GS9-plus has three riding modes that are equally well-suited for relaxed cruises, outdoor enjoyment, and sightseeing as they are for action-packed trips. What’s more, It’s pre-assembled to an extent of 85%. As a result, completing assembly on your own is not difficult. Overall, it’s a great match for exploring new places & making memories.


  • Long Battery Life And Safety With Rear, Front, and Dual Suspension.
  • Three Riding Modes and a Powerful 750W motor.


  • Expensive
  • Scott Spark 970 Bike

The Scott Spark 970 Bike has a lightweight aluminium frame for a more comfortable ride and to reduce excessive weight on the bike. The bike is constructed to last and has 12 speeds, allowing you to customize the ride to your preferences and surroundings. This mountain bike is one of the best mountain bikes for 2000 dollars.

Its 2.4-inch thick wheels make it easy to drive over bumps and difficult terrain. The Maxxis reckon tires with Syncros X-25 rims are ideal for riding uphill and even through mud. You can also ride this mountain bike while it’s raining, so you won’t have to postpone your journey.

Shimano disc brakes are installed for dependable and user-friendly braking. These brakes keep you safe when riding through tough terrain or downhill. In addition, the flat handlebars aid control when turning at fast speeds.

The RockShox Judy 120mm Fork on this mountain bike helps to reduce shocks and impact during your journeys. This increases your comfort and protects the frame of your bike.


  • Flat handlebars allow you to maintain control
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Tires with a lot of track for better friction


  • No Padded Seat

Wrapping Up!

We hope you are satisfied with our Top Full Suspension Mountain Bike Under 2000$ Review. Select your desired product as per your needs & budget. Moreover, we have researched more than 100 full suspension bikes and then came up with this list of best options for full suspension mountain bikes under 2000$.  


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