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Four Kids Friendly Tourist Destination in Singapore

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Singapore is one of the favorite countries for the Indonesian people to vacation. Especially for parents who already have children. There are many fun and educational playgrounds that are good for children’s growth and development. Unfortunately over the past two years, many people have been unable to visit Singapore due to the pandemic. However, the positive cases of Covid-19 around the world are slowly decreasing, so many countries are starting to accept foreign tourists, including Singapore.

The country, which has the nickname the white lion, has begun to relax the restrictions on the pandemic starting Monday (22/11/2021). In fact, Singapore also allows foreigners to vacation without quarantine under certain conditions. It’s really great news, right? These rules make a lot of people can’t wait to take their children on vacation to Singapore. Before you go to the neighboring country, don’t forget to book your hotel first. It will be more comfortable if you bring your family to sleep at 4 Stars Hotels in Orchard. You can get clean accommodation there.

Okay, now let’s try to see what kind of excitement can be found in Singapore. “

  1. Singapore Zoo

Almost all children in the world like animals. They want to see and touch the animals that have only been known through books or television shows. Singapore Zoo is known as a family-friendly zoo with a large selection of fun activities designed especially for children.

Here, parents and kids can join the Wildlife Tour, a tour that explores the zoo in a special open vehicle, and the guide feeds the animals and asks the zookeepers or animal handlers. In this way, we can meet and interact directly with cute animals such as Asian Small-Clawed Otters (little otters), Capybara (capybara), and Great White Pelican (large white pelican).

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This tourist destination is open from 8.30-18.00. So, prepare yourself to enjoy the journey here.

  1. Jurassic Mile

Your son and daughter are Dino lovers? If the answer is yes, you must visit Jurassic Mile. It is located in the Changi Airport area. Your children can see dinosaur sculptures that resemble the real thing.

The Jurassic Mile contains more than 20 dinosaur sculptures of nine different species. Tyrannosaurus Rex is the one that attracts the most attention from tourists who visit here. You can come and enjoy this place for free. This area is perfect for exploring while jogging or cycling.

This place is also open every day for 24 hours. So, don’t hesitate. Let’s go straight to Jurassic Mile together!

  1. Forest Adventure

According to Wikipedia, Forest Adventure is the only and the very first place in Singapore where you can have an adventure above from the tree that is located at Bedok Reservoir Park. This place is quite similar to Bali Treetop Adventure Park, Bali Jungle Adventure Park, and Ubud Forest Adventure.

  1. Science Center Singapore

Are you willing to learn science for fun? Let’s come visit Science Center Singapore! There are 24 different exhibits that are suitable for young children. The parents can also study with the children here.

Here, the topics of each exhibit are very diverse. Your children can learn about kinetic or motion and energy in Kinetic Garden, butterfly metamorphosis in Butterflies Up-Close, reflection in Mirror Maze, and learn about dirt or body secretions in Know Your Poo.

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The activity will be closed with fun things such as playing at the Kidsstop or interactive playground, playing in the snow in the Snow City Singapore area, and playing as a ninja in the Laser Maze Challenge. Come on, hurry up and visit Science Center Singapore on Friday-Sunday from 10.00-13.00, 14.00-17.00. Or, you can stay at Naumi Hotel located quite close to the destination.

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