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Find Your WPS Pin On Your HP Printer Just Few Steps

HP Printers are well known for its easy access to settings and features. There’s a lot of options. Connecting to the company website is easy, but what if you want to find your PIN number on your own printer? Follow these simple steps to find the WPS PIN on your HP printer.


If you have an HP printer and use wi-fi printing, you’ll want to know your printer’s WPS pin. Here’s how to find it:

  1. On your HP printer, open the web browser on your computer and type in WPs Pin on HP Printer.
  2. Click on the “Add a Printer” link under the “Find Your Printer” heading.
  3. In the “Printer Details” window, scroll down to the “Wireless Printing” section and click on the “WPS Button.”
  4. On your HP printer, under the “WPS Button” heading, click on the blue button with three dots in it (or press the corresponding button on your printer).
  5. In the “WPS Response” window, note down your printer’s WPS pin (it should be six digits long). You can also copy this number into a text document for future reference.

The Basics of HP Printer Security

The HP Printer Security feature is a great way to keep your documents and photos safe. To find your WPS pin, follow these steps:

  1. Open the HP Printer Security app (available on the App Store or Google Play store).
  2. Tap on the My Devices tab and select your printer from the list.
  3. Under Security Settings, you will see your WPS pin listed under the Advanced button.
  4. Enter the WPS pin in the required field and tap on Save button.
  5. You are now good to go!

What is a WPS Pin?

If you’re wondering what a WPS pin is and how to find it on your HP printer, we’ve got the scoop for you. A WPS pin is a security code that helps to secure your wireless connection between your printer and router. By knowing your WPS pin, you can keep your network safe and protect your data from unauthorized access.

How to Find WPS Pin on HP Printer

If you have a HP printer, one of the features that you may enjoy is the Wireless Protected Setup (WPS) function. This allows you to easily connect to your HP printer wirelessly, without having to enter complex network settings. In this article, we will show you how to Find WPS Pin on HP Printer.

First, make sure that your HP printer is connected to the network and turned on. Next, locate the WPS button on your HP printer and press it. You should then see a screen that asks you to enter the WPS PIN. The WPS PIN is a 12-digit number that you will need in order to connect to your HP printer wirelessly. Once you have entered the WPS PIN, press the Enter key on your keyboard to continue. You will now be prompted to approve the connection request from your HP printer. If everything goes according to plan, you will now see a confirmation message onscreen, and can Proceed to Print!


If you’re using a HP printer and have an account with Windows Hello, you can easily find your WPS pin by following these simple steps:

  1. Open the Start Menu and click “Printers”
  2. On the Printers window, click “HP Printer”
  3. In the left pane, under “Accounts and Services,” select “Windows Hello”
  4. In the right pane, under “PINs for this Account,” double-click your WPS PIN to open its properties window
  5. Under “Description,” type a brief description of what the pin is for (for example, my WPS pin is for printing), and then press Enter to close the properties window

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