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Features of the ASP.Net E-Commerce Software: Details Here

E-commerce software has features designed to manage and operate online businesses. Nowadays, thanks to tech, it is very easy to set up an online business. However, the biggest challenge comes when you want to choose the best e-commerce platform.

In addition, marketing and brand awareness are also a big issue, especially for SMEs. As an SME you need to compete with B2B platforms such as Amazon and Alibaba. However, you can take advantage of already existing e-commerce online marketplaces to set up your business.

One of the best e-commerce solutions is the asp net e-commerce software. It has some incredible features designed to make deployment and management easy. In this guide, we discuss more e-commerce solution features.

Customer Experience

As an online seller, you have limited time to convince a visitor to your site to make a purchase. A good customer experience will also bring in more organic traffic. The users will also spend more time on your website, which is quite a plus.

The asp net e-commerce software features a mobile-first design. This means that the platform is responsive and users can access it using different devices. The platform also features 100% code control, meaning that you can customize it further to meet your business demands.

API Integrations

APIs allow you to add more functionality to your platform. Most premium e-commerce platforms do not allow users to add third-party plugins or APIs to their platforms. There are plenty of APIs in the market, for example SEO and payment gateway APIs.

If you’re a developer looking for an e-commerce platform built on top of Microsoft’s tech stack, we recommend going for Virto Commerce asp net e-commerce software. You can integrate your e-commerce platform with other Microsoft apps such as Dynamics 365 or Outlook.

Headless Architecture 

Agile software development is the latest trend that most developers are adopting to create headless and highly scalable apps. A headless app allows for multiple customizations and integrations without the risk of breaking the app’s codebase.

Headless software is decoupled, meaning that the frontend and backend are separate. Developers can use different tech stacks to build either. For example, developers can use a JavaScript framework for the frontend and a Microsoft one for the backend.

Traditional e-commerce solutions have everything packed together, which can make it hard for developers. You will often experience downtimes whenever developers are working on various feature updates on the site.

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Cloud-Native Support

Cloud computing offers cheaper and fast hosting services. The asp net e-commerce software uses Microsoft’s Azure cloud services. You can also shift to other cloud platforms such as AWS and IBM Cloud. 

Cloud services allow you to benefit from features such as deployment across multiple data centers, scalability to meet different business demands, and on-demand web services. With cloud-native support, you don’t have to worry about third-party hosting services. Besides that, you also get close to 99.9% uptime, which is next to impossible when using third-party hosting platforms.

Lowest TCO

The total cost of ownership is such a huge deal when choosing an e-commerce platform. Most premium e-commerce platforms cost quite a lot. Besides the purchase fee, you have to factor in maintenance fees and costs for feature updates. Overall, you may end up spending a lot of money to maintain or manage your e-commerce unit.

The asp net e-commerce software lowers total ownership fees by up to 30%. You get feature updates for free, plus you also save plenty through the already provided cloud-native support. In a nutshell, you will end up getting quicker returns without having to break your budget.


Owning an e-commerce unit means that you will be handling plenty of sensitive data. It means clients will have to trust you with the financial data. Here is where asp net e-commerce software cloud-native support comes in handy. Cloud services offer better security, meaning that you will not have to worry about that a lot.

Wrapping Up

The asp net e-commerce software comes with some handy features designed to make it easy to run your online shop. You will also need to put the effort in SEO and marketing to promote your brand to your target audience. 

We recommend consulting a tech expert when choosing an e-commerce solution. They will give you insights including current tech trends to consider.

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