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FARO Technologies Introduces the Latest Version of CAM2 2020

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FARO Technologies creates and sells computer-aided measuring, imaging, and software products that make it simple and precise for users to link the real world with the virtual one. FARO offers solutions for 3D printing, BIM in building, 3D design, forensics in public safety, and photonics.

The CAM2 2020 Software from FARO scene software Incorporated has just been released. The version includes new features, a new subscription licensing option, and other performance and user interface enhancements. With this most recent version of the metrology software platform, users may now have more control over their entire production process at a cheaper initial cost.

New capabilities that help the user and improve the customer experience in data collecting and point cloud analysis include cutting analysis, point cloud recording, gap markers, and better Live Colour Scan. By directing operators through their touch measuring and scanning tasks, these new features streamline and accelerate the measurement process.

Users can combine two or more distinct point clouds from the same room using the point cloud recording capability. This is especially helpful when the scanning device has to be moved and then scanned from that new location without having to refer to the new position of the device or when the user needs to move a part that has previously been scanned in order to scan another side.

The new subscription plan enables users to use CAM2 with less cash outlay and is a unique addition to FARO scene software. It guarantees users always have access to the most recent and most updated version of CAM2, and it provides scalability through a flexible licensing strategy.

The application-focused 3D measuring platform is made to assist users with activities related to inspection and quality control. An enhanced SPC tool aids users in spotting production data patterns that could point to a process that is straying from a predefined parameter.

The FARO ScanArm can now inspect free-form parts more quickly and easily than before thanks to new capabilities like Live Color Scan. To help rapidly spot anomalies and speed up the scanning process, Live Color Scan indicates deviations from CAD throughout the scanning process. By using shortcuts, new commands can be created to get measurement data that could have previously required a number of intricate actions. Users can record each stage of a measurement procedure using this feature, which then compiles those steps into a single command that can be used at a later time. Large component measuring is made easier by the Easy Move Wizard, especially when repeated repositioning is required.

The time needed to move (or “leapfrog”) the FaroArm is decreased and the possibility of user error is lowered by making it simple to identify the proper target correspondence. Users of CAM2 Measure 10 can now do remote measurements, issue commands, and view results in real-time from an Apple iPhone or iPad thanks to further improvements.

With an easy-to-use, efficient, and application-focused platform, FARO CAM2 2020 helps users get the most out of their manufacturing processes. Users’ input and requirements are continuously gathered, integrated, and distributed through a continuous improvement process. The result of these efforts is FARO CAM2 2020, which offers a number of new features, including improved measurement capabilities and an updated statistical process control tool that helps users see production data trends that may point to a process that is straying from a predefined parameter. Predicting this kind of inaccuracy minimizes wastage, scrap, and rework while maintaining a high level of output.

Users can specify locations for detailed investigation using the gap marker feature. The program makes measuring easier by directing workers to the best location for data collection.

The scanning process is more effective thanks to the Live Colour Scan function. Free-form parts may be swiftly scanned, and users can view real-time quality updates on all FARO scene software. Inconsistencies can be quickly and easily found thanks to the software’s fast feedback system, which uses a color-coded color code to highlight deviations from the CAD model during the scanning process itself. There is no need for additional scanning analysis.

FARO scene software is a family of solutions for professional measurement, inspection, and marking. From measuring and examining to 3D point cloud scanning to handheld software, FARO has the right solution for you. To learn more or make inquiries regarding our software, visit our website at www.faro.com

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