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Facts You May Not Know About Smart Home Security Systems

Many of us may not be interested in or concerned about smart Home Security Los Angeles, but there are many things about home security that we may need to be aware of. The most unexpected information regarding burglaries, thieves, and home security is provided below.

The majority of burglaries are well-planned and targeted.

Even while novices commit the majority of burglaries, they still need to plan them out. The majority of burglaries are prepared in advance. To observe the routine of the area and the occupants, the offender may keep an eye on the residents and their homes weeks or even months in advance. They then prepare the break-ins to ensure they are successful and have closed any gaps.

Just 13% of burglaries are ever solved.

As tragic as it may sound, most break-ins and burglaries go unsolved. In most circumstances, police request that you file a report and encourage you to get in touch with your insurance provider and submit whatever claims you are best able to. This is mostly because burglaries are hard to find. After all, most of them are one-time heists for the thieves, who quickly vanish.

Non-Professionals Commit the Majority of Burglaries

One of the facts that could surprise you the most is this one. Most home burglaries are started by people who have never committed a burglary before. Most people who commit this crime are needy and typically want to get rich rapidly. As a result, there may be violence because these people may lose control and turn to desperate measures like hurting the locals to achieve what they desire.

The majority of burglaries occur on residential properties.

The majority of burglaries—between 74 and 94 per cent—that are reported take place in homes. This is primarily because many homes do not think it is important to have a security system, making it simpler for thieves to break in and flee unnoticed.

Thieves despise smart home security systems.

Okay, we admit that this may not be shocking. However, it’s crucial to be aware that 60% of burglars stay away from houses with security systems. To let visitors know that you have a security system, it is a good idea to post signs or warnings outside your property. As some of the remaining 40% believe the system needs to be properly armed, you should also ensure your smart home security system is operating properly.

Burglars Continue to Return for More!

Wow, what a surprise! You will frequently hear about someone’s home being broken into more than once. This is because burglars prefer to break into familiar places, and what better place to break into than a home they have already stolen into and managed to escape from? Another reason is that many criminals are aware that homeowners won’t be anticipating another break-in since the property has already been broken into. In addition, a lot of burglars plan to break in to steal the newly replaced items because they assume the owners will be replacing the stolen items.

30% of Burglars Use Unlocked Doors as Entry Points

Think again the next time you leave your door unlocked, thinking it is not a big problem. Many thieves have acknowledged that they constantly look for unlocked doors and would rather break in that way than try to open a closed door. The fact that many criminals desire their break-ins to be as fast and simple as possible may not come as a surprise. This is why they always check to ensure that the house they aim for provides hassle-free access to the interior.

Smart Home Security System Saves the Day!

As you can see, several variables affect burglaries and break-ins, and many depend on how safe a home is. A security system is the greatest approach to be sure of that.

Not only will you be able to deter potential burglars before they even consider breaking in, but you’ll also be able to check to see if you locked the doors, have easy access to a live feed of your surroundings, and feel secure knowing that in the event of a fire, your smart home app will alert you as long as you have your phone nearby.

At Zion Security, we take great satisfaction in the knowledge that we keep our clients safe and secure while enabling them to have a fully-functional and easily accessible Home Security Orem that allows them to control what happens in their house.

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