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Path of Exile History

Extraordinary Updates on 3.20 Patch Will Be the Greatest in Path of Exile History

There are a lot of landmarks in humankind history, some of these include the invention of the wheel, the first moon landing, the invention of the cell phones, the invention of the internet. Now we have one of the best changes that mankind could ever envision, and that is the removal of Archnemesis and Loot Goblins in Path of Exile 3.20. Believe it or not, those stuffs leaded to the most precipitous drops events on players number in this Path of Exile history when Archnemesis released. 

You may think that this is an exaggeration, but when after the Jewel updating Manifesto, you can see the whole players’ community’s reaction. Then, Grinding Gear Games released the Archnemesis Manifesto next, guess what? This news post wins nearly 90% supports from viewers, just because GGG removed Archnemesis in Path of Exile 3.20 now, this is a gigantic update.

Now you might be wondering why do people hate Archnemesis so much? and what was exactly Archnemesis? 

About Archnemesis

The Archnemesis challenge league was a part of Path of Exile’s patch 3.17 update, Siege of the Atlas. Back then it allowed players to build their own boss fights via applying ‘Archnemesis modifiers’. It sounds good? But this was the one that everyone thought the main reason of limited build diversity before 3.20. When you didn’t have very good gear, the mods would be near unkillable, when you finally have four mods in your hand, it is not challenge, it is your nightmare instead. For example when I played the Endless Delve event, if I get a lot of fire resist Archnemesis mods, I am in a world of trouble.

The worst part of Archnemesis is it also led to an unhealthy Loot Goblins meta. Archnemesis became tied to what actually dropped from the mobs now, this was really bad, because once you saw that you had a specific Archnemesis mod, you would call in someone from your friends list or whatever that had a magic find calling character to kill the monster, so that you would get increased quantity and rarity. But this was a very degenerate play style that most people hated, no one wants to stop their mapping, or even worse, login to a Magic Find Culler that you made and kill a mob they have no idea what it looks like, it is just a terrible play style.

Actually GGG did give some answers about why they actually added the Archnemesis system, and it’s much because the old rare mod system was super confusing, people really had no idea what the rare monsters even had, and they just couldn’t easily distinguish the rare one. Clearly, GGG would like to do a good work but just messed up. 

Archnemesis Issues

Even though this Archnemesis Manifesto does removed the Archnemesis mods, but so far from we start discussing, Archnemesis seems like not necessarily a bad thing, so what was exactly wrong with Archnemesis? The answer is the description, the key word of mod names were not fully descriptive for they stats. For instance, when you see like Permafrost, Overcharged, Evocation or Gargantuan, you have really no idea what these Archnemesis mods actually do, and in some cases these things had like five different properties to them, that converted more chaos than ever. GGG did like this is extra chaos, but it was a very bad scenario, mods had multiple effects bundled together, now encounters also became way too complicated. Once you had a bunch of these Archnemesis Mods together, you would get some crazy invincible strong rare mob, that was nearly unkillable if you got the really bad combination. Thus, you would pretty much had to skip the Archnemesis monster all together. 

Loot Goblins Updates

In the latest patch, GGG actually did a pretty big loot overhaul about how loot actually dropped from the game. GGG added a new significant pool of rewards the rares, however this significant pool of rewards is hidden, you have no idea what the monster is going to drop until you actually kill it. The rare monsters with more mods are more likely to have special hidden reward mods, now if you see a monster of four rare mods, then is much more likely to have a good reward with currency. So what this means we have no idea what these mods actually are, but it cannot be as crazy as before, we won’t have one mob dropping a bulk of POE Currency, but hard to kill anymore. These changes are really good, and it will make the game feel miles easier, just taking it at face value, if you make each rare monster has 20 to 30 percent of the mods it used to have. 

In terms of loot, it is pretty much too early to tell how the loot will even feel in maps with these changes for all we know. The loot could potentially be worse, because we have no idea what these hidden reward mods actually are. We have no idea how crazy they are, we have no idea how rare they are, and it is still going to need lots of farming to get more Divine Orb. 

The main thing that will affect a lot of the high-end people is that Headhunter is gonna feel worse than ever. It’s hard to really rated the impact of these changes, but Headhunter is going to be completely trashed in my opinion. Inspired Learning is literally going to be a dumpster tier unique Jewel. What this means is that for now instead of stealing all these mods, like you’ll only get a half of the mods for Incendiary, you won’t get fired and ignite resistant all. About Deadeye, you won’t get all three, only get one of them.

Meanwhile, there are few rare monsters on the map nowadays, it’s gonna be incredibly hard to get anywhere near the same sort of power as before. I do think that Headhunter and Inspired Learning will get heavily destroyed by this Archnemesis or rare mod rework. 

Last thing I think that will get affected is that meta builds will be able to play a lot more. Because I do think the biggest problem about Archnemesis from the past, in terms of build diversity early on is that, when you have low gear, you pretty much cannot play the game. Because the Archnemesis monsters are really crazy. If you will be returning to 3.20, you will play a much easier expansion of Path of Exile where loot is raining from the sky randomly, and not from Blue Goblins. 

Thanks for reading this post and I hope you get more Exalted Orb, Chaos Orb and Mirror of Kalandra in the uncoming Path of Exile 3.20 expansion. If you want to know more news or buy POE 3.20 currency, make sure to subscribe

Loot Goblins Updates

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