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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Experts Recommended Nail Salon in Dubai

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Are you still getting your manicure from low-lit spaces? If yes, then you need an upgrade. Fortunately, there is a huge range of nail salons in Dubai. You will find a women-owned and trendy nail salon in every corner of the city. Nail salon JLT is top trending in Dubai because of its luxurious service.

Best Places to Get Your Nails Done in Hair Salon JLT and Other Locations

You will find various salons, from art visionaries to nontoxic wellness. So, head to these places next time you want to treat yourself. Here is our list of the outstanding nail salon with mind-blowing aesthetics and services.

  • Nails Lab

Nails LAB is one of the luxurious nail salons JLT. They have the highest hygiene standards in the region. For the employees, a manicure is no more art than a science. Clients visit this place because of its premium quality material and care. If you want to save your nails, this is where you want to head.

At Nails LAB, the employees spend a lot of time and effort to make perfect shaped nails. They will make additional designs to enhance the beauty of your nails. This nail salon JLT offers other services such as nail piercings and adds Swarovski stones on the nails.

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  • Nail(ed) Boutique

Do you want your nails done? If yes, then head to Dubai’s Hills Mal. You will find several nail salons in the neighborhood. But, the Nail (ed) Boutique is superb regarding quality. Three sisters founded this top-trending nail salon. Its goal is to bring innovation to manicures and pedicures by using all-natural and nontoxic products.

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  • We Nail

We Nail has an aesthetic environment with pink and purple hues. The employees here will make you a queen with a manicure, hot wax, and an ash lift. The cool ambience and pleasant smell of this place will make you fall in love with this place.

We Nail employees specialize in Glitter, Chrome, Diamond, and Marble nails. Furthermore, they offer buffer treatments such as Sugar Mani. If you don’t want to visit their salon to get your nails done, they also offer home service.

  • The Nail Pavilion

The Nail Pavilion is another top-ranking nail salon JLT with a wide range of beauty services. Like We Nail, The Nail Pavilion offer home service as well. But, they won’t charge an additional cost. But, visiting their salon is an entirely new experience. You can enjoy comfort, glam, and luxury. Choose from their 80 nail services and relax on the comfortable chairs. Once the employees complete the job, you won’t recognize your nails. You can choose from funky-chic to vibrantly saturated designs.

  • Laloge

You will find many fans of Laloge in Dubai. This is a luxury salon in Dubai with French décor and traditional aesthetics. The c’est Magnifique interior of the salon is the perfect place to decorate your nails. The employees offer five-star service to their clients. Also, they offer other treatments such as hair treatment, facials, and manicures.


If you want to sit back, relax, and let professionals design your nails, choose from the salons mentioned above. There are professional nail techs and artists in nail salon JLT to turn your Nail plucked out of the fairytale.

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