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Exciting Things To Do In Toowoomba, The Australian City

Toowoomba is a town in Australia’s Darling Down region. As a result, the Garden City moniker was born. Around 125 kilometers from Brisbane, which is the state’s capital, it can be accessed by automobile in less than two hours. Toowoomba is Queensland’s most populated city and sits at the top of a plateau, 800 meters above sea level, inland. It is also Australia’s fifteenth-most populous city. The carnival of flowers is held in the city every September. 

Aside from award-winning restaurants, wineries, quaint teahouses, and artisan cottages, Toowoomba is home to a broad variety of contemporary city services, including department stores and a full range of modern city amenities. More than 150 public parks and gardens may be found throughout Toowoomba. There are enough reasons that ought to plan a trip there. But confused about how to start? Without thinking much, start planning, book qantas reservations online and save up to 45% off on every flight till the last minute. To make it easy for you, we’ve listed below the best things to do in Toowoomba:

The Park Associated with Picnic Point

Climbing 700 meters in the Great Dividing Range provides an excellent viewpoint to the right of the Great Divide and the foothills of the Great Dividing Range. It’s possible to see the bush-covered slopes and deep gorges of the Main Range from Picnic Point, which is a favorite picnic area in Queensland.

An ideal spot for a picnic or barbeque, the park also offers children’s play areas and pathways that lead to views of the Lockyer Valley volcanoes and Table Top Mountain.

Both the Queens Botanical Gardens and the Queen’s Park are open to the public.

A few examples of trees that date back to this period are English oak, swamp cypress, Bunya pines, Himalayan pine, and Chinese elm. The magnificent camphor laurel avenue, which crosses the park north to south, is also historically significant. As compared to Queen’s Park, the Botanical Gardens have a much more traditional design, with precise flowerbeds, avenues, and hedges.

Garden of Japan

In Japanese, the phrase “taking delight in tranquility and longevity in a public area” is known as (Ju Raku En). Professor Kinsaku Nakane of Kyoto built the whole thing using traditional Japanese techniques, and it depicts a Buddhist utopia. Three islands, one of which is said to be the abode of the immortals, have their beaches washed by a heavenly sea. Over the course of three kilometers, visitors will be able to walk among 230 different varieties of Australian and Japanese trees.

The Museum of Cobb+Co

The cornerstone of the Cobb+Co Museum was laid by WRF Bolton, who dedicated over 30 years to collecting and restoring antique vehicles and the parts that went into them. With 47 vintage horse-drawn carriages, you can get a sense of how transportation in Queensland has evolved through time. Playtime at the Coach Stop includes the opportunity for kids to pretend to ride a re-created horse, dress historically accurately, and work the register in a re-created general store.

Empire’s Theater

The Empire Theater in Toowoomba has been there since 1911, making it both a cultural hub and a visually appealing icon in the area. An early 1930s fire destroyed the old building, and a replacement in the Art Deco style was built in its place. A wide range of entertainment options for all ages will be on display at this event, including theatre, classical music, comedy, traveling musical artists, magic, seminars, and film screenings. An enlargement project in the 2000s includes the nearby neo-Gothic church, which was built in 1877 and is now utilized as a stage for cabarets, lectures, seminars, trade shows, and other special events.

A neighborhood market, the Toowoomba Farmers Market is located in the city of Toowoomba.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables, ethically sourced meat, locally roasted coffee, flowers, jams, sauces, cheese, smoothie mix, handmade gifts, and many more options are available if you haven’t had breakfast or lunch yet. It’s also possible to learn more about a product’s origins and how best to utilize it straight from the farmer or producer since you’re buying directly from the source. The majority of the weeks include live music, and if you bring your kids, there will be a wide choice of games and activities for them to participate in.


Because of the mild climate and the rich volcanic soils, each spring is a spectacular display of color and fragrance. Carnival of Flowers is a 10-day festival that combines horticulture and music with fine cuisine and wine. So, what’s stopping you? Plan your holiday in Australia with AirlinesMap right away and head out for a fantastic vacation!

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