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England V Germany – Seven Classic Meetings

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From the first meeting in 1930 to the semi-final of the 1966 World Cup, England v Germany has been a long-running rivalry between the two nations. This article explores some of the great footballing meetings between the two nations. It includes the first meeting in 1930, the first World Cup semi-final, and Michael Owen’s hat-trick against the unified Germany team.

English v German football rivalry

The England v Germany football rivalry has spanned over a century and encompasses a variety of games. The two nations have faced off on the international stage many times, with the most notable of these games being the 1966 World Cup final played at Wembley. In addition, the two nations have met on the world stage many times in friendly games. Since the 1950s, England and Germany have had many encounters in European club competitions.

First meeting in 1930

The First meeting between England and Germany in 1930 saw the British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain hold peace negotiations with Hitler. This meeting resulted in an agreement for Germany to cede the Sudetenland. However, Hitler was not satisfied with this deal. He wanted Czechoslovakia to be broken up and that all lands should be under German control by the end of September. This prompted Chamberlain to present a new proposal, which the Czechoslovaks rejected. The Germans then issued the “Godesberg Memorandum”, which called for the cession of Sudetenland. This was not enough for Hitler, and both Britain and France were forced to mobilize their armed forces. By then, the Sudetenland frontier had been heavily fortified.

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World Cup semi-finals in 1966

The 1966 World Cup semi-final between England and Germany was a fascinating match. Although England had the intelligence of Bobby Moore, the ferocity of Nobby Stiles and the improvisation of Alan Ball, the Germans were a different proposition. They gave everything they had, but their first-choice side was dominated by the defensively-minded Wolfgang Overath. The left-winger Lothar Emmerich was a dead-end, and while he scored a stunning goal against Spain, he was utterly anonymous against the Soviet Union.

Michael Owen’s hat-trick against unified Germany team

It is one of the most memorable moments in England v Germany history. It was the first time that England had beaten Germany in the Nations League, and it was one of the most memorable results of the game. The result was 5-1, with England hammering Germany in the process.

World Cup 1966 match between England and Germany

The World Cup 1966 match between England and Germany was a controversial one. The match ended in a 4-2 England win but the game was marred by controversy. During the game, England’s Geoff Hurst’s controversial 3-2 goal against Germany was disputed. It occurred after a shot by Frank Lampard hit the bar and went down half a meter inside the penalty area. The referee and linesman missed the shot. The goal was ruled out, but a replay was conducted in front of the audience and players.

Greatest performance by England against unified Germany team

England’s greatest performance against a unified Germany team came in a home World Cup qualifying match in 1966. Although Germany had led after a goal by Carsten Jancker, England’s trio of Michael Owen, Steven Gerrard and Emile Heskey ensured England came out on top. It is the only time England have won a major international tournament.

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Paul Gascoigne’s tears during England v Germany match

It was the end of a memorable World Cup match in 1990 when England’s star man Paul Gascoigne was booked in the semi-finals. The midfielder lunged into a West Germany defender in extra-time, and was subsequently banned for the final. Gascoigne knew the significance of the booking. After all, he had already been cautioned for a foul on Belgium’s Enzo Scifo during the last-16. He knew that, if England lost the game, he would not be able to play in the final.

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