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Ideas To Edit A Blog

Effective Ideas To Edit A Blog Post For A Superb Ranking

Writing then editing takes a lot of time, and at times the writers or editors are lost in its process. It is understandable that writers and editors may dislike editing because it is not about fixing typos and mistakes. In an editing process, you need to make definite changes and shape a well-structured blog. Often at times a writer may feel hindered after mistakes.

Well, editing is necessary for any blog or write-up because you need to shape it and need to keep it at a point and avoid every kind of mistake. Even if you think you are good at writing and your blog does not need editing, you still need to edit.

But you don’t have to worry, there are ways that can help in editing a blog. Maybe you have struggled a lot in editing an article and spent hours doing it. Now, this blog can help you with the editing process.

Why Is Ranking On Search Engines Important?

Editing is also important to rank articles on the search engine at a significant position. There are many factors that are involved in the ranking of a blog.

For now, focus on editing and the article. If you reach a good position, that can be excellent for your blog and can increase the degree of people’s readers and credibility. Research has shown that high-ranking websites have more authenticity. Most important of all, you get traffic on your blog or guest post.

Therefore, Let’s, take a look at some points that can help you edit blogs and articles to rank them better on search engines.

Essential Tip To Edit A Blog Post

Start by making a list of things that require editing. Just don’t jump into the process. Make a checklist of the sores you need to go through. Make sure you have a through

 Step 1: Stop Editing While Writing

This could be the mistake you may need to stop doing at first. When you are writing a blog just go with the flow and keep the editing part for the end. Editing while writing breaks the flow, and you can also lose some ideas. So, it is important to remember to keep writing and keep editing until the end.

Step 2: Take A Break Before Writing

Well, editing is not about reading and writing again. It is a procedure that is apart from writing. Every edit can alter the meaning of what you have written. As a blogger and an editor, you need to make certain of it.

You need to accomplish the best goals in editing. So, construct an editing schedule. When you are scheduled and are after a break, you are more productive. A schedule with a checklist can keep you on track. Make a strategic timetable that allows you to write, edit and post.

Step 3 : Look At Structure And Everything

When you start the editing phase, resist correcting your sentences. Read it as a reader and look for the gaps you may find as a reader. Look for logic in your sentences and see the structure. Does it sit well with the topic and follow the rules of writing? Take a look back at the heading, and sub-headings and think if it is readable. So, just make sure you are going in a flow and make your edits like a professional Wikipedia editor.

Step 4: Read Every Sentence

After making sure everything is in its place, inspect every sentence. Noe, look at its grammar, spellings and tenses. Take a constructive and critical look at your writing and take note of a few things. Take a look if the sentences can be written improved and clear.

Make sure your sentences can resonate with the readers. After this, check if the write up matches with the topic and you are making a correct argument and claim.  In this process, read carefully to avoid repetitive phrases as it can distract the readers.

Step 5: A Final Proofread

It is an integral point where you need to have keen sight. This step looks for misspelled words and phrases. Re-read the sentences, add the missing punctuations, and put the sentences in the relevant order. Make sure that correct links are attached and at the end, look at the headlines.


Editing may sound like a hectic job, but once you know its tactics it can be done easily. What you need is just practice.

When you are good at this job it may look like a hassle-free job. Just remember editing requires to look at every minute detail. You need a strategy of editing to avoid a long hour of reading.

In the end, editing is not only about following a set of rules. It is about making the best use of your talent and making your work look the best.



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