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Easy Santa Claus Kids Drawing Images | Tutorial

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Kids Drawing Images Let’s attempt Santa Drawing today! In this post, you can get step-by-step instructions for making an Easy Santa Claus drawing, which only requires six steps. This entertaining lesson was scanned from my library’s vintage kids’ book.

You can print out a practice worksheet at the bottom of the article that includes some blank space to practice on the actual page. If you like, practice drawing these before making a large group of Santas. Kids Drawing Images worksheets are available for printing out as many times as you’d like to distribute to your family, Sunday school class, classroom, creative pals meetup, senior center, and other groups. Let’s start drawing now! For Personal Use Only.


This Santa Drawing tutorial is simple enough for children and adults to use! I advise using a pencil to draw because you can take back any mistakes you make. But if you want to clarify it further, you can always go over it with an ink pen or marker when you’re done. You might find our article on basic drawing supplies HERE helpful. Enjoy making some of these!


  • Let’s start with the remains of Santa Claus. We must first create a rounded triangle to accomplish that.


  • St. Nick’s head, arms, and legs will then be added. Draw a form resembling a bread loaf on top of the torso to represent the huge guy’s head. Next, add the arms by connecting the ends of two curved lines to the torso. Additionally, draw two hourglass shapes for the legs at the bottom.
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  • We’ll now draw St. Nicholas’ hat, mustache, and nose. Make a tiny circle in the center of its head for the nose. The mustache can be added by sketching an “S” with a slant on one side of the nose. The opposing side should follow suit.
  • Then draw a curved line between the mustache and the mouth. Finally, add the hat by sketching a cone that is halfway bent.


  • Next, apply rectangle outlines to St. Nicholas’ clothing’s edges to represent the fur trim. Draw the belt along the tummy by drawing two straight lines. Add two squares in the center of the straight lines to complete the belt buckle.


  • It’s time to add the face of our famous man now. Draw two closed eyes and two bean-shaped eyebrows. Lastly, add the mouth by placing a tiny black dot beneath his mustache.


  • Finally, draw several briefs, slanted lines below Father Christmas’ mouth to give him his distinctive “ho ho ho” sound.

At this point, the only thing left is to color in your cute fellow. Finish your masterpiece with markers, Crayola crayons, oil pastels, colored pencils, or whatever else you have on hand! This one has been colored in red and white clothing and brown skin, but you can use any colors you want to be completely creative! You have the choice!

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