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Driving On A Whim: A Buyer’s Guide To Purchasing Used Cars In Orlando

If someone told you that you could purchase a Mazda Miata Sport for under $15,000, would you believe them? Of course, not! But what if they repeated the same statement? Maybe then, you’d start to listen a little more attentively.

Here’s the thing: That price point is easily achievable. In fact, several places across the US could offer that to you. And if you visit a dealer specializing in used cars for sale in Orlando, you could even be looking at a rough estimate of $13,000.

Still, you should consider a few things before you jump at this opportunity. Let’s walk you through it all!

Mileage doesn’t decide everything.

Used cars with low mileage have a certain appeal to them. Yet, that doesn’t mean they make a better deal.

For example, if the previous owner used the vehicle infrequently, it also means that they rarely serviced it. And if a car is left unused for long, over time, the rubber and plastic parts can become incredibly brittle.

There’s also the matter of the drivetrain, which needs a consistent application to function correctly. In short, if you base your decision on low mileage alone, you may have to opt for a significant amount of reconditioning later. That alone could end up costing you a lot.

Insurance policies matter more than you realize

Technicalities around insurance coverage differ across cases. For instance, if you are purchasing a pre-owned vehicle from an individual seller, the responsibility of transferring the existing policy falls on you.

Conversely, dealerships offering used cars for sale in Orlando may provide you with the opportunity to create a new policy altogether.

Choosing a comprehensive plan instead of a third-party liability would be better. However, if you merely wish to modify the existing policy, enquire about any insurance add-ons while making the purchase.

Remember, it’s legally required for car owners to have an active insurance policy in 49 of the 50 states in the US. New Hampshire is the only exception here.

Test drives are your best friend.

There’s this lingering perception around test driving a used car. People always seem to think that should only be done when purchasing a brand-new vehicle. You shouldn’t believe a single word of that.

It doesn’t matter if you’re buying it from a dealership or an individual seller. Request a short test drive to see how the car runs.

And when going about it, don’t try to tinker with the stereo or anything else. Drive in complete silence and listen to what the vehicle is trying to tell you. Did the engine sputter too much? Maybe the brakes make a strange sound.

After all, you wouldn’t want to experience buyer’s remorse.

Better deals all around

It’s always nice to get a better deal on something. So, if you wish to negotiate the car’s price, go for it. But don’t be too disappointed if things don’t work in your favor. You’re already getting the vehicle at a lower rate anyway.

More importantly, you’re satisfied with your purchase and don’t face any issues later. And the only way to do that is to follow the tips listed above.

In short, check overall maintenance levels, enquire about existing insurance policies, and, finally, top it all off with a nice smooth test drive.

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