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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Doratoon Review – The Best Animation Websites to Create Video Online

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There was a time when animated videos used to cost a lot! The skill was rare and the demand for it was too high. But with the rapid advancements in technology, creating an animated video only takes just a few clicks. You don’t have to be the super-techie guy to make animated videos.

With Doratoon, anyone can create awesome animations! Here’s more on what Doratoon actually is and how it works. 

Doratoon – Online Animation Maker Website

Doratoon is an online animation maker website that provides you with the ultimate platform to create animated videos. Considering how animations are difficult to make, Doratoon is made to provide an animation video maker platform for anyone with basic knowledge about the internet and technology. 

Whenever you need to create an animated video, you’ll have to draw, sketch, provide textures to the objects, and many other things to make things look attractive in the video. It’s a very lengthy and complex method to follow just to make a presentation video that you have to show to your boss in the morning. 

That’s where Doratoon – an online animation maker comes in handy and makes it relatively easier to make animation videos within no time, without actually drawing or sketching anything. But instead, Doratoon provides you with ready-made 2D templates to create animated videos.

How Does Doratoon Work?

Doratoon is designed to make it easier for even a grade 7th student to make animation videos. The user-friendly user interface of Doratoon makes it hassle-free for beginners to create animation.

All you have to do is to drag & drop the objects in the video timeline, add appropriate music/voice-over and export the video once you are done. Thanks to the artificial intelligence it works on, which makes it super fast and effortless to use. 

Whether you are a filmmaker, student, teacher, or content creator, use Doratoon to make videos to target your audience effectively. You don’t need to ask the internet “how to make an animated video”. Doratoon is the ultimate solution for all your video creation needs. 

What Makes Doratoon the Best Online Animation Maker?

When it comes to Doratoon features, the list is endless, and one will need to spend a lot of time exploring them. However, you don’t have to do it yourself; we’ve extensively tested and explored its offerings, making it easier for you to choose Doratoon as your go-to animation creator. 

Here are some outstanding features of Doratoon – an online Animation maker.

2D Animated Templates

Doratoon provides hundreds of ready-made animated templates using one can create the animation video. There’s a vast category of templates you can choose from depending on what type of environment you want to make in the video.

For instance, if you want to create a cartoon video, there are a bunch of different 2D characters and 2D effects that you can apply to your video at the ease of one click.

Intelligent Dubbing

Explanatory videos need to have a voiceover to be engaging. Generally, to add voice-over to your videos, you’ll have to record it first with some professional equipment under an appealing environment.

Intelligent dubbing is quite an innovative feature of Doratoon; capable of converting texts into speech using the AI-dubbed voice. It kills the hassle of recording the voiceover. Just provide it with your video script, select the character for the voice, and use the slider to set the tempo for the speech.

AI Drawing

Another great feature that makes Doratoon stand out among all other online animation apps is AI drawing. It uses advanced artificial intelligence that provides the best assistance and gives suggestions depending on what shape you’re trying to draw.

PPT Video Converter

No need to create the presentation video from scratch if you have already made a PPT file. Doratoon allows you to import the PPT files in its interface and convert them directly into 2D animated videos. It’s quite a helpful feature when you get PPT files, but you want to make them look appealing and ever engaging for the audience.

PPT video converter feature helps the students and teachers make their work stand out when presented to the target audience.

PPT Video Converter

Who Should Use Doratoon?

Doratoon is the best online animation maker website, and there’s a reason behind it. It provides plenty of features that help make any type of animated video. Here are a few applications of Doratoon.


In the digitized world, advertisement is mainly based on video multimedia formats. Markets need to create engaging and attractive advertisement videos to target the audience. Creating advertisement videos in a 2D environment is the best way to sell the solution to the audience.

Doratoon provides plenty of 2D templates, animated business characters, and effects that help create highly engaging videos that attract your targeted audience.


Doratoon can be used to create engaging presentations in schools and universities. The students can use it to make presentations and explain lengthy and complex concepts in a few minutes.

It’s also the best tool for the teachers/instructors, as the students will likely doze on in a 60 minutes lecture. Many studies have concluded that students perform better at understanding and memorizing concepts when presented in visual rather than plain text.

Explaining complex concepts with appealing 2D animations can make students pay attention to the topics effectively.

Content Creators

Whether you’re a professional filmmaker or running a Youtube channel, Doratoon is the best tool to present and explain your ideas in videos effectively. Don’t know how to make an animated movie or how to make an animated short film? Doratoon is the ultimate platform to start from.

Its self-explanatory user interface makes it easier for anyone to explore different AI features and make something attractive and engaging out of them.

You can also create engaging, explanatory videos for Youtube and social media accounts rather than explaining them verbally to the viewers, making it pretty boring.

Final Thoughts

Creating animation videos is quite trendy since it’s the best way to explain and present ideas effectively. Doratoon is a powerful tool that lets you make highly engaging and attractive animated videos. Whether you are a student, a business professional, or an educator/instructor, Doratoon is the way to convey your message to your target audience.

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