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Does Workers’ Comp Cover Work-Related Travel?

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Business trips are an essential part of many people’s lives. If you are injured while traveling for work, whether it is business-related tips or your daily commute, you may wonder if you have insurance coverage for your injuries. Reaching out to Richmond workers’ comp attorneys can help you understand whether workers’ comp insurance coverage covers your case.

Do you qualify for workers’ comp if you are injured on a business trip?

Yes, you are qualified for workers’ comp insurance coverage if you get involved in an accident while traveling for business. In general terms, a business trip is still part of your duties as an employee, so you would be covered by workers’ comp should you get injured while doing your job. However, if you are on a business trip but get injured while doing activities that are completely unrelated to your job, workers’ comp may not cover your case. But if your injuries are sustained while doing activities related to your business, then you would have workers’ comp coverage. An attorney could assess your case and explain whether your case qualifies for workers’ comp coverage.

Do you qualify for workers’ comp if you are injured while commuting?

Generally speaking, if you are not earning wages while commuting for work, you would not be eligible for workers’ comp if you get into an accident or sustain an injury. If you get injured while commuting to or from work, your case will not qualify for workers’ comp insurance coverage. There are specific situations in which injuries sustained during work-related travel are covered under workers’ comp, and these are:

  • You are earning wages
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If the time you spend commuting to and from work is also counted as paid hours of work, then your case would be eligible for workers’ comp insurance coverage if you get injured while commuting.

  • You are using company transport.

If you use company-provided vehicles or means of transportation to commute to and from work and are injured while using this transportation, you would be eligible for workers’ comp.

  • You are running errands while commuting.

If you are running errands for your employer or company while commuting to and from work, your case may qualify for workers’ comp.

  • You are on a business trip.

Business trips consist of travel where you earn wages, so they qualify for workers’ comp insurance.

Get professional help today.

Getting injured because of your job is a tough situation to deal with. If you have been injured while traveling due to work, you should not waste time and contact an experienced workers’ comp attorney today. Not only will an attorney be able to tell you more about the insurance coverage for your case, but they will also be able to give you proper legal guidance.

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