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Do you know importance of studying abroad for your resume?

Traveling to another country is amazing and fascinating in every way. If you can stay longer, even better! The possibility to try a little bit of everything is one of the great benefits of being away for a while, isn’t it? No wonder, the importance of studying abroad is one of the factors that most motivate young people and adults to travel.

Studying and working is as possible as doing an internship, so you find yourself with a curriculum full of cultural, professional and personal baggage. In addition, companies highly value people who have all this experience-and much more: professionals with an studying abroad program even have more job opportunities, you know?

However, the advantages don’t stop there. Do you want to know other benefits and understand the real importance of the exchange? Keep reading!

Makes you stand out from the rest of the candidates

If you want to get ahead in the dispute for that job you want so much, have you ever thought about investing in an exchange program? One of the great advantages of studying for a while is to enhance some personal and professional skills that you often didn’t even know you had. Experience in another country helps a lot in your self-knowledge, see?

And this is clear at the time of an interview and in the conversation with the recruiter. In addition to being more sure of yourself, you show that you have the ability to analyze situations with foreign clients, managing to deal with events in a much more natural way, for example.

Improve fluency in another language

Here is one of the main reasons to study abroad. Being fluent in another language will certainly open up a huge range of opportunities for you. Not only when you are living abroad, but when you come back and are looking for a job opportunity. Remember that in Brazil there are thousands of multinational companies!

Having a second language is, without a doubt, the passport for you to stand out and be able to get ahead during the selections. Think about it!

Increases cultural baggage

It is very good to experience the larger world, to get to know the traditions, habits and culture of a different people. This leaves you more open to differences, the new and the unknown. And going further, having an experience with multiple cultures improves the way you see each other, expanding your empathy with others.

One of the reflections of this in your professional life is that you accept other views and opinions more easily. Which is very well-regarded within the corporate world, in addition to making you a more dynamic, calm professional with greater openness in communication with managers and other co-workers.

Expand work experiences

Yea! Many countries, such as Australia, allow students to work during their study period as well. But not just work, see? It is even possible to intern in your field of study. Most of the time, this is what students who are attending college in another country do.

The best part is that when you return to your home country, this experience of working abroad will also count a lot on your resume. Many companies appreciate professionals who have already worked in another country, which increases your chance of getting the dream job.

Enable the creation of international projects

Studying and working abroad are already two very fruitful activities, right? So, if it is possible to leverage both together, you will have much more possibilities to create international projects. Like this? It’s not just the country you’re in that matters, but you, as a foreigner and bearer of another culture, can also add a lot to that nation.

And one of the best ways for this to happen is through a good project that is capable of uniting the best of both the study destination and your home country. Many companies even bet on innovative ideas that move different cultures and, at the same time, have a strong social or economic role when developed.

An experience like this on your resume is worthy of gaining full attention in a job application. Another positive point for the study!

Add new possibilities to your career

Another benefit worth highlighting in international education: the new possibilities it creates for your career. The dynamics are simple to understand, if you start doing an internship or have the opportunity to work in another country, you will certainly work in a different way.

This will be reflected in skills you didn’t have before, which will greatly improve your understanding and practice of your profession. Remember that, no matter how much you work as an advertiser in your home country, for example, in New Zealand, advertising is different and the public that consumes advertising also has other habits. In other words: you add new knowledge to your career!

In addition, it is common for international students to work in roles they never considered, such as nanny, waiter, waiter, etc. This makes them see work in a different way, understanding the importance of all types of professions and positions, which helps a lot in personal growth.

Create an international network

Imagine that you are going to study abroad for 6 months. In that time, your network of friends will grow a lot-and with people from all corners of the world. And if you are doing a higher imternational education, such as an undergraduate, specialization, master’s or doctorate degree, one thing is for sure: you will make friends who will be important for your networking.

Don’t forget that meeting professionals is always good, but being able to expand and leverage this to other countries is even better. Who knows, in some time, an invitation to work abroad will appear? Or can you use this contact to improve some service within the company you already work for? The possibilities are many!

Develop personal characteristics

Being more punctual, independent, proactive, responsible and disciplined are just some of the personal characteristics that will be widely developed. Not to mention the ease of adaptation that you should have when faced with the most varied challenges. It is worth remembering that an exchange program has a very interesting power for us to be better people.

Why? The fact that you spend more time on your own and having to deal with new situations in your life already helps a lot to improve points that were weaker before. In many countries, like Australia and New Zealand, this is rule number one.

You will see how much it will change your life and make great impressions in a job interview!

Do you just see the importance of international education for your career? There are many advantages to facing this experience. And it is valid to reinforce how much living in another country will increase your professional autonomy, as well as on your own personal side. International education is one of the biggest investments worth making.

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