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Cricut Machine

DIYs to Make from Your Cricut Machine

Cricut is a wireless cutting machine that is becoming more popular by the day. It can be used to cut out any design you like onto the material of your choice so you can use it further in your DIYs. It is the perfect tool for crafty and imaginative minds, but oftentimes a creativity block hits that stops all ideas from coming to life. Here are a few DIY ideas that you can do with your Cricut machine.

Custom Tee Shirts

What you wear is an expression of who you are, and what better way is there than to design your own clothes? Many times, when we go shopping there’s always a shirt that we just wish was just a teensy bit different to fit our taste. Well, with your Cricut machine, you can choose a design you like from free Cricut SVG files or custom design it yourself on Cricut Space and then just heat press it onto the shirt. However, make sure you are using the right type of material while cutting.

Custom Mugs

One of the best ways to get started with the Cricut machine is making your own custom mugs. It’s fun, creative and easy enough for you to get a hang of it. You can get your name written on it in the fonts you like, or your favorite quotes or phrases on plain or printed mugs. That way you can express a piece of yourself each time you drink from those mugs.


Who doesn’t like a heartfelt card given to them? Again, you can choose various coloured or non-coloured templates to increase your card making possibilities for your perfect little DIY card. These custom handmade cars can be for holidays, birthdays, weddings or any other special day in your life. Other than that, you can even make posters or props for your special events.

Fashion and Accessories

When it comes to fashion, there are so many possibilities with your Cricut machine. You can design your own personalized nail art in any color or shape you want. You can turn a plain colored bag into an animal print one by Cricut. You can even spice up your shoes by endless possibilities of the trendiest new styles.


This might be the most useful DIY yet. You can design out words you want to label with. You can label out drawers, or kitchen jars, or cabinets, or cupboards in the coolest fashion ever— Cricut has your back.


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