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Solana killer

Did the golden days of Solana killer already come?

TechPay – the Solana killer

Almost overnight, Solana went from being unknown to being the eighth-most valuable cryptocurrency in the world. But, TechPay is now the top trending cryptocurrency instead of Etherium, Solana, and others. Solana was 42nd in the world in February.

As of this writing, the cryptocurrency market is worth about $34 billion. In terms of market value, it just beat Polkadot and USD Coin. Price has gone up 40 times from $3.50 last year to $140 this week. It has been called the “real Ethereum killer”.

As compared to Bitcoin’s seven transactions per second and Ethereum’s 30 transactions per second, Solana (SOL) can process up to 65 000 transactions per second. This is a big difference. But now we have TechPay, which is a real threat to Solana. This is why we need to get rid of it.

Also, the Blockchain of TechPay Coin is the world’s fastest. It can process 300,000 transactions per second in just 15 seconds.

  • a one-second block interval
  • The performance of TechPay Coin was demonstrated to be 4.5 times quicker than that of Solana Coin.

Solana will lose the race against TechPay because TechPay is :

Fastest Blockchain

A transaction on a blockchain was never thought to be possible until TechPay Coin came up with the most efficient and fastest blockchain.

Adding to TechPay Coin’s “Absolute Finality” is the fact that transactions are confirmed and completed in a 1.15-second window, which makes it even better.

This means that other Layer 1 Chains could fail or reverse a transaction due to bad behavior. TechPay does not do this.

It also made 500,000+ blocks, which were used to validate 2.5 million+ transactions without a single mistake or reverse.


The TechPay Team wants to use new technologies in the next year to improve TPS and make transactions complete in less than a second.

This isn’t true for SOL. It takes milliseconds for it to settle down. One of the next goals for TechPay is to be able to process 500,000 transactions per second, which is being worked on as part of what’s called a new crypto revolution in the market. But we still have a long way to go,  a very long way. TechPay can help in everything and it is a little pricey. And it solve the problem of blockchain trilemma, scalability, decentralisation and security

Transaction Fees

Some Layer-1 Blockchains charge huge fees for transactions, but TechPay Chain only needs a small amount of that money to work. In the most recent Blockchain transaction, only 0.0000021 dollars were exchanged, which is less than one cent. Because TechPay Coin can handle millions of clients with unprecedented speed, there is almost no need to reward validators.

TechPay is the fastest blockchain project that is centralized and lets smart contracts be run. With this clever idea, the groundwork for a new financial system all over the world is being set. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is one of TechPay’s new ideas. You can borrow, lend, and earn interest on your investment without having to go through a bank, and you don’t have to pay fees.


You’ll be amazed by the breadth and depth of financial products that will soon be available to everyone around the world because of this. It will also help us get closer to our goal of making financial services more available to everyone.

In particular, its scalability and transaction fees are two of Solana’s biggest flaws, both of which TechPay has fixed.

As a “distributed ledger,” the blockchain is a record of all transactions that aren’t kept in one place but on many other computers or nodes. These blockchains are thought to be impossible to hack because thousands of computers must communicate with each other almost at the same time to understand when transactions are confirmed and new blocks are added to the system.

Now we have the “Solana killer,” like TechPay, with its great new ideas. Solana’s lack of scalability and high transaction fees are two of TechPay’s main goals when they made the app.


TechPay has come up with a clever way to solve this problem. Because miners or validators need to talk to each other to order blocks, one of the reasons its competitors don’t have as many transactions is because they have to talk to each other. Cryptographic time stamping by Solana can handle up to 300,000 transactions per second as of this writing, which is a lot of transactions! Visa has never come close to this. This is why the TechPay price has been blowing up. There is a race to dominate the DeFi space and many believe that TechPay will be the one to do it.

That is why it is well said that Sol and Etherium have also been on a tear in the last few weeks. The race is still wide open.


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