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Deer consumers exposed to the harmful effects of lead

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In the absence of legislation promoting the use of various ammunition, hunting remains in part responsible for the dispersion of thousands of tons of lead in the environment in Canada. This heavy metal, highly toxic to health, continues to end up in several types of balls.

It is the approximately 1025 sporting fields in Canada that propel the most lead in the wild. According to TOXECOLOGY EnvironmentalConsulting, 5000 tonnes of lead are thus projected each year in the shooting fields. The so -called sports shooters who frequent these places are not necessarily hunters. But about 40 % of them also practice hunting.

However, hunting represents only a fraction of the projectiles drawn each year in Canada, according to a study conducted by this same firm on behalf of the environment and climate change Canada. According to the various data available, from 40 to 80 tonnes of lead is used per year in hunting activities in Canada. To these data, it would be necessary to add, to obtain a fairer portrait, thousands of military fire; These are not counted.

Less than 200 tonnes of lead are recovered each year in the wild to be recycled.

Health concerns

Scientific work reiterates the danger to human health associated with the use of lead ammunition.

In Canada, the wilderness hunting with these projectiles is prohibited by the federal government. Since the regulations on migratory bird hunting has been modified, steel balls have replaced lead charges. Over 97 % of migratory bird hunters say they comply with these guidelines. Lead continues to be used in other types of hunting.

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The problem of lead ammunition is increasingly concerned about countries in the world. According to the European Union, the combination of hunting, sports shooting and fishing constitutes important sources of environmental contamination by lead. In Europe, these three activities would reject more than 40,000 tonnes of this metal in the wild, according to the European Chemicals Agency.

Since 2021, the Canadian Association of Veterinary Doctors (ACMV) has spoken out on its use. It strongly supports the prohibition on the use of lead ammunition for hunting and weight and lead lures for fishing “in order to protect public health.

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